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Jan 25, 2013 03:55 PM

Good Chinese food

I am still looking for really good chinese food in the OC. We are looking for the San Francisco and NY style chinese restaurants and are looking for suggestions. We have been to a number of them in the Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa area but they just don't really have the food we would love to eat. Any suggestions would be great.

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  1. What is the food you "would love to eat." That would help in making suggestions. And I don't know what San Francisco style Chinese restaurants are?

    1. They are the restaurants where won ton soup isn't a bad word and real ribs and more than just kung pao chicken or walnuts with shrimp. If you haven't had Chinese food in San Francisco or New York, it is very hard to describe but it is quite different from the "real" chinese restaurants that are here. I think that the food here is much more chinese than we are used to and I also think that pick up stix is just terrible. Don't know if that helps.

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        So you're looking for the "Goldilocks of Chinese restaurants"?

        Not too Americanized, and not too authentic? Just, sort of, in the middle somewhere?

        Maybe you can get some wonton soup to go at Sam Woo in Irvine and then walk over and eat it at the Panda Express next door?

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          I live in the Bay Area and have Chinese food here all the time, and yet I have no idea what San Francisco Chinese food is.

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            "They are the restaurants where won ton soup isn't a bad word"


          2. It's not really "San Francisco" or "NY style" you're looking for, just old style Chinese American. Not a lot of that kind in Orange County which is more suburban. You might like Fu Wing Low in Fountain Valley.

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              Thanks I will have to try that. FYI, I really don't like Panda Express. It is pretty bad.

            2. Have you tried Sam Woo on Culver? There is a nicer side and a take out/cash only side. I'd recommend the nicer side since they have more Americanized choices on the menu.

              They have some very authentic stuff but also a few more Americanized dishes that you're looking for like wonton soup, hot and sour soup, egg rolls, BBQ pork, kung pao chicken, etc.

              There's middle ground stuff like beef with green beans, fish filet sautéed with vegetables, salt and pepper pork chops or salt and pepper shrimp.

              If you feel adventurous, I recommend the Canonese BBQ duck (not Peking duck), lobster with ginger and scallions, winter melon soup, a whole steamed fish if the head on prep isn't too uncomfortable for you.

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                Agree with this rec and rec S.W. Seafood as well. Their Wor Wonton soup is really good.

              2. If you've tried a number of restaurants in Irvine and didn't like it, you don't really like Chinese food (caveat: depending exactly where you ate). You're looking for Americanized Chinese food.