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Jan 25, 2013 03:45 PM

SOS!!!!! Foodie parents coming to visit in May...where to take them that will not break my bank account!

My parents who are foodies and have eaten in the best restaurants in the world (Including Paul Bocuse's kitchen in France) are coming to celebrate with me my Dad's birthday....WHERE CAN I TAKE THEM?
Dad does not like spicy food or Indian food. They do not like noisy places. A fabulous steak is always a good choice...but were to go? Please any suggestion will be appreciated! I live in New Brunswick and work in the Edison/Woodbridge area. But for a great evening for dad would go anywhere within reason. Also, my financial resources are not unlimited.

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  1. A toute heure - Cranford
    Loucas - Edison

    Both BYOB to help defray costs

    1. We've had very nice meals a Due Mari in New Brunswick.

        1. Steakhouse 85 in New Brunswick

          What is your definition of won't break the bank?

          1. Second A Toute Heure in Cranford.

            You said no spicy, does that include Mexican? If you head south, I would suggest Tortuga's in Princeton - delish mexican and you can go to the Bent Spoon for some AMAZING ice cream after. (Also, BYOB, so definitely affordable). It's low key, but good.

            Due Mari, Stage Left and Frog and the Peach are the top in New Brunswick, but all on the pricier side for dinner.Of the three, Stage Left is my favorite.