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Jan 25, 2013 03:40 PM

Cheapo Maytag 24" Gas Oven - Are They OK?

Anybody have this model: CWG3100AAE
Basically it is a builder grade oven, ~ $800.

Replacement for a ca. 1961 Tappan

It is the only one that fits, or that I can find that fits.

I don't need convection, self cleaning, water injection, GPS or iPhone connectivity.

Just a hole in the wall that gets hot.


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  1. I have that oven or one very like it, which replaced a 1963 Kenmore.

    It works just fine. Heats up fairly quickly, and evenly. Mine seems to go about 5 degrees hotter than the indicated temp. It sounds as if you're used to working within the limitations of the 24" oven -- for example, half sheet baking pans won't fit so you have to go with quarter sheets or jelly-roll 10" x 15".

    It does lose quite a bit of heat quickly when the door's opened, which you have to take into account for frequently-fussed-with items.

    I particularly like the broiler and use it often, mostly for roasting peppers. Even detracting points for the flimsy broiler door, it's a vast improvement over the old oven's unusable broiler section.

    The oven door is much more seriously built than that small lower door. The oven's been here five years now, and I've kept the glass window clean enough to preserve the nice view of the contents.

    I keep a sheet of foil on the floor of the oven, as the manual recommended to cut down on the worst cleaning; that's worked a charm.

    The oven's timer is worked harder than the oven itself, as it's the only digital timer I have.

    A nice, simple, hot box in the wall.

    1. Thank you for the info

      1. Should be fine. Bells and whistles do not cook.