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Jan 25, 2013 03:20 PM

Bluestar 48" range with griddle and grill

Just installed this range and have questions about the griddle and grill. I needed to season the griddle two times to prevent food from sticking. Do I need to season the grill grates? The Bluestar booklet does not mention seasoning. Thanks for any suggestions and tips.

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  1. would love a photo or 12 :))))
    like to see it, envious girl here.
    if I was in your place I'd season the
    grates as well, how though, I have no
    idea. probably rub a good brand of shortening
    all over the grates then deep heat same as for
    griddle. BUT AGAIN, THAT'S WHAT I'D DO.
    let's hope you get many responses from knowledgeable people with like experience.

    1. The burner grates are porcelain coated and don't need to be seasoned. Not sure about the grill.