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Jan 25, 2013 02:42 PM

Where and what to eat around Hanover

Hi just relocated to this area and looking for restaurants that are veggie friendly to try. Any NJ Diners to recommend along with their specialty? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hanover & Parsippany are home to a large number of Asian places that are very veggie friendly. Cafe Metro in Denville is also good - though recent reports indicate a downward trend. Let us know if Asian food isn't your thing.

    1. Also in Denville there is Veggie Heaven and Cafe Metro both of which are quite veggie friendly.

      It's a bit of a drive, but the Loving Hut in Ledgewood is fantastic, and has an amazing veggie burger.

      I highly recommend Saffron Indian Cuisine in E. Hanover. Great Indian food, and buffet. They have quite a few vegetarian items as well as and non vegetarian items on the menu

      The Great Wazu on rte 46 in Parsippany (or try their E Hanover location) has a fantastic veggie sandwich options. I love several of their veggie paninis, and daughter adores their grilled eggplant with provolone, roasted portobello and roasted peppers on whole wheat roll.

      Cinnamon in Morris Plains is another good Indian place that offers a variety of veggie options. Good lunch buffet during the week.

      Marjan Persian Grill in Morristown is also good and offers many veggie items on their menu.

      Moe's Southwestern Gill in Parsippany has decent mexican/american food and offers tofu as the "meat" option.

      Hwang Bu Ja on new Rd in Parsippany is also a good choice, it serves Korean cuisine, (soft Tofu). Daughter, the vegetarian, loves their soondooboo.

      1. I love Asian food - my preference for Indian leans towards South Indian - I have heard good things about a place called Ragini. Have to check it out. Visiting a cousin in Matawan right now and plan to swing by the HMart to try the Korean ban-chan. Thanks for the suggestions - will definitely check them out and post back.

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          For south Indian vegetarian try Mysore Woodlands on rt. 46 W, or Chand Palace on Littleton Rd., both in Parsippany. Oh, and just a stone's throw from the latter is the Sri Ganesh Dosa House, which has about 50 kinds of dosas and uttapams, etc.

        2. Not for sit down really, but the food court at the Kan-Man supermarket on Rt. 10 has some pretty amazing Chinese and Vietnamese food.