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Jan 25, 2013 02:16 PM

West Bridge - Lunch

My wife and I went to West Bridge for lunch yesterday. Man that alley from Binney St to Hampshire St is a wind tunnel. 8ºF, brutal. Inside WB it was comfy, sat near the window with the sun streaming in.

Food was very good. although pricey, and I thought limited selection. I had the lamb stew. $15 for a medium bowl! Very very good. Vegetables were sliced so thin, some thin slices of potato on the top were so thin that after absorbing the broth didn't taste of potato. Nice crunch. Really delicious. My wife had the chicken club. Some thin slices of veggies with it. Some slices were yelow/orange, we couldn't identify. We asked. Persimmon! Who would have thought to put that in a chicken club? Very thin slices of very moist chicken. Very good. Very strong coffee to finish. Not old, just strong, like Turkish or even cappacino. A full cup of that, too much. Now a know why they serve Turkish in demitasses. $40 for one beer, one glass of wine, stew and sandwich. I'm glad I dont eat lunch there every day, but if I could afford it the food and service were excellent.

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  1. Thanks for this. We have only been for drinks and not for food. Appreciate the advice and will try to stay out of the wind tunnel on the way over.

    1. i agree it does seem spendy for lunch and the portions are on the smaller side. i'm not one that requires a groaning over-loaded platter for a meal either.

      however, as a treat before a matinee i love LOVE this place. the cocktail and wine program are top-notch and those prices are very reasonable, with plenty of very good bottles of wine in the $30 range. the beverage director is a former esk alum and his staff has definitely drunk the west bridge kool-aid. :)