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Jan 25, 2013 02:01 PM


OMG just tried them for the first time and I HAVE to have more- am assuming I could maybe get them frozen somewhere? Any ideas??

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  1. Berkeley Bowl has them in season. I don't know about frozen.

    1. They are expensive because the gatherers have to compete with the bears that really like them.

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        Awesome, I just ordered my 18 pound bag.

      2. The first time I had them was @ Chez Panisse Cafe. They included maybe four or five on the dessert plate, either as garnish or maybe part of a dessert fresh fruit plate (don't recall which). We asked for more; and they hesitated--not because they were being tight, but because they are, indeed, so expensive. Expensive and delicious!

        1. It's a long wait until summer! I appreciate both the fresh and frozen leads (ouch - yes expensive!) - I may have to wait and hope the bears don't get them all! Thanks everyone!