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Jan 25, 2013 02:00 PM

Bulldog Cafe..Granby St. & Yonge/Eglinton Ave. East locations

Kudos to Bulldog..
The best of the best for both espresso bars. I have been to both (the Eglinton Ave. E. more often) Stuart (owner & barista at Granby St.) & Mata (manager & barista at Eglinton Ave. E.) make fabulous & smooth tasting lattes, bulldogs & espressos on a consistent basis. I've tried really hard to taste who makes it better but it's a draw....they (Stuart & Mata) both win the fine taste, great service & making it a fun place to return to, time & time again.

Thanks Stuart, Mata, Kei & all the other baristas for making great drinks!!

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  1. My apologies. The name should be 'Masa', not Mata. Sorry Masa for the error in the spelling of your name.