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Jan 25, 2013 01:52 PM

Fr-Mo breakfast/lunch/dinner suggestions for DC

I will be making a short trip to Washington between 23 to 25th February, staying at the hyatt Airlington. Now as a food & travel blogger a huge part of the trip is about sightseeing, shopping and of course the food.

1. Spot not to miss for a dinner treat and don't set me back 100 USD

2. Best Lunch set menu deal - and close to a metro stop to reach Union Station (bus back to NY leaves at 2 pm)

3. Nice cafe with bakery to die for?

4. What kind of food is best to enjoy? I would love some Southern Food, Seafood and Steaks? Any recommands for lunch or dinner? Its about the quality of the food and not the setting of the restaurant

5. Dining alone in DC - does it mean to be treat badly?

Thanks a lot for the help!


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  1. In Arlington, the Bayou Bakery (Courthouse Metro) is high quality. In DC, most of the bakeries are some sort of chain.

    Oohhs and Aahhs is a tiny Soul Food joint right next to the U St/Cardozo Metro Stop. Get the shrimp and grits with grilled vegetables and collard greens. Best Southern food in DC.

    Dinner: Central Michel Richard.

    What kind of food is best to enjoy? I would suggest eating things that are difficult to find where you are from, are indicative of the Mid-Atlantic region or as close as you can get, or to eat the food of a renowned DC chef, like Michel Richard, who manages to combine French and American in a unique way.

    I recommend The Passenger for young, hip, urban small plates in a casual setting with dishes that are typically American.

    Back in Arlington, at the Clarendon Metro, the Green Pig Bistro for inexpensive carefully prepared American standards.

    I doubt you will be treated badly. How can I find your blog?

    1. For Southern, either Acadiana (creole) or Vidalia (true southern). both have a bar you could eat at if you wanted. My fave in town is Obelisk and you could blog away about it. N. Italian 5 course prix fixe at 75 pp.

      1. 1. Not entirely sure what the $100 includes but I would go to Mintwood Place (excellent neighborhood American/French bistro), Graffiato (Italian-American small plates by a Top Chef) or Estadio (Spanish tapas on trendy 14th Street).

        2. Bibianna (located near Metro center) has a nice pre-fix lunch menu at their bar. Graffiato also has a nice lunch pre-fix menu at the bar.

        3. Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but Baked and Wired has the best cupcakes (as well as scones, pies etc) as well as good coffee and tea. For a full cafe, sandwiches and baked goods, I would go to Paul (various locations around town).

        4. If you are looking for Southern I would go to either Vidalia, Art and Soul, or Acadiana. For something uniquely DC though I would check out some Ethiopian cuisine. Everyone I know loves Ethiopic, but I haven't tried it yet. My favorite is Etete on U Street. Another option is to check out one of the restaurants by one of our famous chefs (namely Jose Andres or Michel Richard). For that I would check out Jaleo or Central.

        5. You most certainly will not be treated badly. I dine alone all the time and rarely have an issue with attitude or bad service.

        1. The hotel is in an area called Rosslyn. There's a good place near the hotel called Roti Mediterranean Grill.

          (What does Fr-Mo mean?)

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          1. 5. Dining alone in DC - does it mean to be treat badly?

            No. I do DC solo quite a bit and have never felt put out.

            If you are a food blogger, definitely check out Rogue. Solos fit right in if you sit at the "bar" area facing the kitchen.