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Jan 25, 2013 01:48 PM

Uncle Val's Gin Cocktails

Had this at a bar chilled in a glass. Fantastic stuff I thought. Purchased a bottle. I am now on my second bottle. It's pretty great ice chilled or just out of the fridge, but I'm wondering if anyone has made any cocktails with this.

The flavor profile makes me want to leave it alone, but I imagine someone has cooked up something to make folks drink more. I googled a bit, but did not find anything that got me too excited.

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  1. Just tried it with a martini. Very refreshing and fruity but unusual. Looked surprisingly cloudy (even though stirred). A summer martini in my opinion. Worth trying.

    1. Just bought some Val's gin over the weekend and came to this board to see what, if anything, people have to say about it. Not much, I see.

      We loved it. I have to admit, I am no connoisseur when it comes to spirits, but I know when I like something. I read that it is infused with cucumber and lavender, among other botanicals. We had it in a gin & tonic, using Schweppes tonic water (rated the best in a taste test by the NYT) and a squeeze of lime. Went nicely with the fish tacos I made last night.