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Jan 25, 2013 01:16 PM

Kabobji NMB

YUCK!!!Recommended by someone on the board. I had eaten here a few times before the new owners put in a pita oven! So decided to go for a quick 58 minute lunch! 12:40 only 2 people working the floor paying more attention to takeout then people eating. No one sits me so I seat myself! 14 minutes later get menu! waiter takes 10 minutes to pour a cup of soup!
Chicken soup was great. Chicken shawarma was dry and cold. Guy making the pita bread drops one on the floor and throws it back in oven! Check Please

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  1. I went into restaurant last week not to eat but to pickup menu for future use. I was unimpressed and ignored. I quickly left.

    1. That's too bad - they had another location on 79th St. Causeway that was a regular rotation take-out place until it closed.

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        We had dinner there last night and everything was fine. Great salads and perfect chicken shawarma. We were waited on within a few minutes and the food came out shortly after. We have never had a problem with their food or service.

        1. re: dlgc809

          We like it there too. We miss the location on 79th street. I could see the service being more of an occasional issue than the food. The food has always been good.

      2. I've eaten there regularly for a few years and I've always gotten fast, friendly service and very good food. I think the baba ganoush and batata hara are especially good.