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Jan 25, 2013 01:14 PM

Cold weather = intense cravings?

Does anyone else get serious cravings when it's cold? I never noticed this before during winter but this year for the past month at least I can't seem to stop craving, even foods that I don't really like or even crave any other time. Bring on the Chinese food, pizza, chili, macaroni and cheese, baked I'm not pregnant - already ruled that out

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  1. Yes i do. Usually for spicy food, strong cheese, bread or completly unhealthy stuff.

    It's your body trying to store fat for the winter.

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    1. re: SourberryLily

      Well, it's working. I don't even bother to fight the cravings...

    2. I haven't noticed any weather related craves, I do seem to have swapped from white wines to reds though. I always crave mulled wine in the winter too.

      1. I have a weird one for you: charred corn tortillas. I toast the suckers right on the burner of my range.
        Other than that, pretty much the usual. Soup. Red wine. A book and fire in the fireplace.

        1. Not for food-I want a warm fire, a stocked larder, a full tank of gas-just general preparedness, then I can play around w/ food & leftovers...

          1. Not so much that I crave a particular food when it's cold... just choose to "hibernate" and crave to cook!

            It started snowing here in my part of NJ around 4:30... only expecting an inch or so and has been FRIGID this past week. NO intentions of going out to do more than pick up newspaper off driveway. Snow should be light & fluffy enough to sweep away with a broom tomorrow.

            Have a rack of baby back ribs that'll get a quick ride on gas grill on deck, while I'm bundled up in the cold.