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Jan 25, 2013 12:39 PM

Semi-ancient yellow split peas?

I have an unopened container of yellow split peas of indeterminate age. I remember buying them, but I know it was at least a year ago, and possibly more. There is no use by date or other date stamped on to help me out. Should I use them or toss? Is there a rule of thumb for these kinds of products?

Also, I had gotten them because I thought they might be tasty in some kind of soup or other dish, but have passed them over for quite literally hundreds of dinners because I couldn't think of how to use them. Any (vegetarian) suggestions?

Edited to add - my husband despises Indian food so dahl is out. He also despises ginger. Sigh.


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  1. There's no reason to toss them, if you have a use for them. A year or two is not particularly long for a dried bean or pea. They might require a longer cooking time, but there shouldn't be anything wrong with them.

    1. Swedish yellow pea soup normally has pork in it but doesn't need it. 1 lb. peas + 8 C water +a diced onion + a diced carrot and celery rib + 1 t dried thyme (or fresh better). Cook until peas are soft, then season with s&p.

      1. Oh I have let beans and peas sit in my cupboard for a LONG time. Sometimes they take longer to cook than fresher ones. I guess if you smell them and they smell godaweful, ditcharoo.

        You could do regular split pea soup with them (you know with the ham and assorted root veggies. If you are wanting a nice twist on that there is this: http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2006/10/... It is not for everyone though.