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Jan 25, 2013 12:38 PM

Tortilla chips fried in lard

While eating at Los Guanacos, a Salvadoran place in Mission Terrace (SF), I noticed that the tortilla chips were cooked in lard. Delicious and fried there daily. I'm not sure I've had, or at least noticed, tortilla chips fried in lard before.

Do other places (still) fry their tortilla chips in lard and do any fry in in-house rendered pig fat rather than those blocks and tubs of hydrogenated stuff?

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  1. if you find yourself on the eastside, try the chips at la Boriqueña across from la estacion de la policia, old oakland (7th st.). they also have very good chicarrones, the style with varying amounts of meat and extra fat attached, sold by the pound. these are about the best lard-fried chips you'll find in oaktown.

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      D'oh! I was there a few weeks ago on a tamale quest. I now wish I'd taken them up on their offer for chips! Thanks for the tip... that gives me another reason to return for some of the peppers and stuff they sold in the back.

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        Lardy chips proudly trumpeted on the menu posted here available to-go Sunday:

        "Fresh" canned cheese sauce..???

        The masa in the non-vegan tamales also features lard; very good. Lard in the beans, too...

      2. i believe juan's place in berkeley does

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          That almost makes me want to give them another chance.