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Jan 25, 2013 12:33 PM

Zitner's around Rittenhouse square? Urgent!

Hey! So I have my husband on the phone and he's around the Rittenhouse Square area and I'm trying to get him to buy me some Zitner's easter eggs. I'm telling him to just stop into any local drug stores and bodegas.
1. Is there any place more specific I could tell him.
2. Am I sending him on a fool's errand? Is it too early in the year? Does Zitner's not sell locally now that the company has changed hands?


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  1. it might be a crack too early --every drugstore has them...but a little closer to easter. They all have Valentines candy now

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    1. re: elmom

      Yeah I guess it is January after all. Thanks, maybe I'll send him to Di Bruno's for something savory instead.

    2. I would check out CVS on 19th and Chestnut.

      1. I kind of doubt you are going to find EASTER candy from them in January. More likely is leftover Christmas candy or probably Valentines day candy.

        1. They have them at the Pennsylvania General Store in Reading Terminal Market every year.

          1. Check WaWA's I saw them in Delaware in all WaWa's