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Jan 25, 2013 12:17 PM

Dinner for 6 near Copper Mtn

Our group of six friends is meeting for a weekend of skiing at Copper Mountain and would love dinner suggestions. Three of us are traveling from Chicago, and the other three from DC, California, and South Dakota; we are relatively well traveled and open to any type of cuisine. We only see each other every couple of years, so are willing to splurge a bit. We will have a vehicle, but would rather avoid driving all the way to Denver and back for dinner. Thanks!

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  1. I am not that familiar with the good restaurants in the area (I tend to stick to brewpubs and the like when skiing), but I know that there are some great ones in the Vail/Beaver Creek area, which would be a 20-30 minute drive, but over Vail Pass (easy to do, but something to avoid if weather is bad). There are also fairly decent dining options in Frisco or Breckenridge, which would be 5 minutes and 15 minutes, respectively, and no passes to navigate.

    I suspect all of these options will be preferable to the restaurants in the Copper village. If you search this board for "Vail", "Beaver", or "Breckenridge", you will likely find the answers you seek. Enjoy!

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      Thanks! I will delve into the boards a bit more with your suggestions. Any thoughts on Grouse Mountain Grill?

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        I really like Grouse Mountain, but wouldn't drive past Sweet Basil, Mountain Standard and Larkspur in Vail to go there. For a "different" experience if staying at Copper think about Quincy's or Tennessee Cookshack in Leadville, an easier drive than Vail. Its a true Colorado Mountain town. Not gourmet or fine dining quality, but can be fun.

    2. You might want to try the Covered Bridge right at Copper. Also, Cafe ProFusion, about 15 minutes from there, is a tiny little hole in the wall with great food.

      1. The Hearthstone in Breck is always great. In Frisco I can't say enough good things about Vinny's. Tuscato's is another good Frisco option.