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Jan 25, 2013 10:46 AM

Micklethwait Craft Meats is the new Franklin?

I'm hearing reports from numerous folks that this 'cue is unbeatable, with the star of the show being the sausage.

Anyone been yet?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Went by yesterday for lunch and my take was that it's pretty average.

      I had the ribs, lamb sausage, slaw and potato salad. Ribs were cooked well, but sorely underseasoned. The lamb sausage was good for... well.... lamb sausage. I guess I would just need to get used to that one. I actually found myself enjoying the sides the most.

      My demerits:
      - Ribs not salted and peppered properly
      - Food took almost 15 mintues to get. Not sure how that's possible when all the meats are right there in the trailer. Slice em and plate em.
      - No brisket at lunchtime, only available in the evening

      1. Now almost a year later than jwynne1000 I tried MT-meats for the first time and we both really enjoyed it. Today the sausage was a pork / beef / jalapeno and I asked for his recommendation for my second choice of the two meat plate - he recommended the brisket. I asked for moist and got the slaw and jalapeno grits side.

        There were no misses today on seasonings. The brisket had a great crust, salt / pepper was perfect, the smoke ring was thick, and it melted in my mouth with no dry spots. Today, it was on par with La BBQ and Mueller's and I liked it considerably better than Stiles.

        The sausage was great, with a nice medium grained / chunky texture the way I like it, and it snapped nicely. It lived up to all the hype I've read elsewhere. No other sausages were offered today. It could have been hotter on the jalapeno end, but other than that was well seasoned.

        The jalapeno cheese grits vaulted to my new favorite grits in town, after coincidentally raving about bleu cheese grits at Swift's on Sunday. The slaw was lightly dressed with celery seed and a citrus vinaigrette and was cold and refreshing, and the pickles were great, homemade perhaps, I meant to ask.

        This will be on rotation. 'nuff said.

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        1. re: slowcoooked

          The bread he gives out is homemade and extremely tasty.

          1. re: slowcoooked

            I guess that it is time to try again. I've been by 3 times in the last year or so. Once they were inexplicably closed. Once they had no sausage, brisket, or ribs; offering only pork loin. (I passed) Finally, the last time there was a sign that (again) there was no sausage or ribs, but there would be brisket around 5pm. (It was about 1130am) I gave up as it is quite a ways out of my normal travels and so far as I could tell, there was just about no chance of tasting any of the sausage for which they were acclaimed all over town.

          2. I like them a lot overall, but I've eaten there several times and never had brisket that was Franklin/Mueller level good. The Micklethwait brisket I had while my parents were visiting for Thanksgiving was actually kind of bad. Tough and lean, even though I asked for moist.

            I like that they make their own bread, moon pies, and buttermilk pie, have pulled pork and pork shoulder on the menu, and I think their ribs and sausage are fantastic. They also have pretty solid sides, although I found the grits to be a bit under-seasoned the one time I had them. I'll have to try those again sometime after reading all the raves.

            I had some turducken made by Micklethwait at a Supper Club screening at the North Door that was really nice. Moist and smokey. The sweet potato gratin that came with it was phenomenal.

            1. I made it out to Micklewaiths this week. Had a two meat plate, chicken and a brisket. Couldn't deal with a beef rib. They only sell them one pound at a time. $19 was a just a little steep for lunch.
              Brisket was good not great. Potato salad was not good, potatoes were VERY undercooked. They were almost raw. I really liked the jalapeno cheese grits though. Even an hour later they had a good consistency and flavor. Brisket is okay, no crust to speak of. Flavor was decent. Honestly I didn't find it much better than the Mueller HEB brisket I had last weekend. Chicken was good. I also sampled a piece of buttermilk pie. I liked the pie crust a bit more than the pie but overall it was pretty good.
              As an honorable mention the only sausage they had was a thai chili sausage. I was given a sample but didn't buy one.It had good heat but nothing out of bounds.

              Overall if you want decent, but not exception BBQ with no wait this place is fine. It's definitely not worth going out of your way for though.

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              1. re: Rptrane

                One question I have with reviews like this is the issue of frame of reference. I come from DC. And having lived here in paradise for 16 years, I have formed an opinion about BBQ joints. But the locals have grown up with quality Q. When I hear "decent BBQ" I wonder if it means decent compared to the kings (LA, Franklin's) or decent compared to the Bill Miller "BBQ" franchises...

                1. re: Rice Checks

                  Step up from Bill Miller's. A slight elevation from Rudy's. It is all about context and for me and ease of actually getting food. Even if Franklin was as good as everybody says it is, and to me it isn't, it's definitely not worth all the trouble. I went to La BBQ this week too and had food in under a half hour.

                  1. re: Rice Checks

                    Rice Checks if Micklethwait setup shop in Cap. Hill or Dupont Circle in DC somewhere, he'd have a line a block long. Here, he's just another solid choice with some unique offerings.

                    1. re: Rice Checks

                      I would NEVER describe bill miller's as BBQ.
                      There really should be a state law about what can be called BBQ.