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Help a pregnant lady out! Places to go before the baby arrives?

In lieu of a 'babymoon', we're planning on going to out to a great meal every week roughly from now until the baby comes in late May. We're looking for nice, semi-formal to formal-ish places that we probably won't be able to go to once the kiddo arrives. Good food, atmosphere, and service would be appreciated! We are both vegetarians, no seafood and we both like dessert way too much. We both really enjoy The Blue Room and EVOO in Cambridge, if that helps give you an idea of our tastes. We're open to anything in the greater Boston area, not just in the city. We've only lived here for two years so there's probably a lot of obvious places that we don't know about...feel free to suggest them all! Bonus points if you tell me why you're suggesting a certain place!

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  1. Oleana. Vegetarian tasting menu.

    1. Strip-T's, T.W. Food, Bondir, Oleana, Menton for a splurge... all places that are entirely unsuitable for little ones. (Strip-T's not because it's fancy, but because the place is so tiny -- you have to hold the carseat over your head to maneuver out of there.)

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        I took a toddler to strip T's.. just had to sit at the bar area.

      2. I will be following this post closely as a pregnant lady my self I have been noticing that a lot of places give less than attentive service because I am not drinking. We recently went to Upstairs On The Square and the service was great. Good luck to you and baby!

        1. True Bistro is good for a nice vegetarian meal with good ambience. I've also been meaning to go to Il Casale in Belmont, which gets alot of love on this board and has alot of vegetarian options. You can also do reasonably well at Prezza for more fine dining.

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            I was impressed (as a non vegetarian) with True Bistro

          2. Oh, you'll be able to go out in the early months- the kid sleeps in a carrier mostly, and you just take 'em out to nurse. They aren't that interactive. Our first evening out was Chung Ki Wa in Medford a couple of weeks after the birth.. big booths, not many patrons at the time.

            But as they get older, get more awake time, and louder, then it gets tougher.. and once they are mobile, it becomes babysitter or takeout.

            1. rialto does a lovely vegetarian tasting menu and west bridge has some great veggie stuff.

              1. Journeyman (fantastic vegetarian tasting menu), Bergamot, Strip-T's, Posto...

                1. Bergamot was one of my favorite pregnant dinner experiences. They make a great preggertini and I always felt were extra-attentive to me. If you're looking to splurge, O Ya is certainly somewhere that I would not want to bring a baby. Lots of seafood there which I don't know if you eat, but some good veg options too.

                  Red Bones is actually pretty good immediately post-baby because it's dark, loud and cave-like in the basement and you have standing-height tables so you can stand there with a newborn in a carrier and not seem at all out of place.

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                    are there many options at redbones for non-seafood eating vegetarians? as per the op?

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                      Good point. I forgot that criterion by the time I got to the bottom of the post. A newborn will do that to you. Reconsidering, there's nothing wrong with a beer and fried pickles for dinner every now and then.

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                        Their roasted veggies, corn fritters, fried okra, corn pudding, and mac & cheese are good :)

                    2. Why not try someplace that is distinctly un-kid (even sleeping baby!) friendly, such as Clio, Deuxave or Oleana? Given your veg preferences, I would put Oleana at the top of my list. It's delicious!

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                        Yes, this is what I am looking for. Distinctly un-kid friendly places that are also a bit fancy. The kind of places we wouldn't go to with a kid so this a bit of a last hurrah. Since we have around 15 weeks to go, we're thinking of about the same number of meals.

                        I just put the veggie qualifier in there so we don't get a ton of steakhouse suggestions. Almost any nice restaurant will have vegetarian options so it's not like we are looking for veggie only places. We had a very enjoyable meal at Capital Grille and it's not a place most people would suggest for a couple of vegetarians.