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vegans in town visiting! vegan friendly places in cambridge/somerville?

I was thinking maybe True Bistro but that might be too much. It doesn't have to be all vegetarian, they just need to have like, at least 2 vegan choices on the menu (and one of them can't be a steamed veggie plate) and ideally we could get drinks, too. Nothing too fancy.

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  1. True Bistro is great chow and is recommended by this vegetarian-leaning omnivore. Beer and wine.

    Some other choices:

    Veggie Planet
    Veggie Galaxy - beer and wine, I think.
    Life Alive
    East Coast Grill (for the all veggie experience of the day, which I think they can make vegan - full bar here)

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      Is Life Alive a sit down place? I've never been in there but for some reason I always assumed it was just take out. I think because the one in Lowell only had a couple tables.

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        It's counter service, but lots of tables to sit - a few upstairs and a larger seating area downstairs.

    2. River Gods in Cambridge has a good veggie/vegan menu (lots of options). The funky decor and off-the-beaten-path location also makes it a fun place to take out-of-towners.

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        River Gods is an awesome and fun suggestion! Second that one.....don't miss their handcut fries..

      2. The Red Lentil in Watertown: http://theredlentil.com/home-2, but no liquor license.

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          Red lentil is good veg/vegan food in a shocking fluorescent green environment ;). Very casual and affordable for sit down/somewhat inventive food.

        2. True is awesome, but it is on the swanky side.
          Maybe Elephant Walk (lots of vegan options, doesn't get that much chow buzz because they've been coasting on the same menu for ages but IMHO the food is still quite good)?

          Or go over the river to Meyers + Chang?

          Dosa Temple is barebones in style and doesn't have alcohol, but there are a bunch of fun bars in Union Square, not far away, so you could eat and then go down to the Independent or Backbar for drinks.

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            FYI - I think Dosa Temple is now called Dosa and Curry, with some possible menu changes including "pizza", per Boston Eater. The website does not show these changes.

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              Yikes. Haven't been down there recently, so I missed that.

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                The pizza is indeed bad news. We were there on Christmas Eve and got the chef special tiffin box which was actually vegan, and as non-veg people were quite impressed. I hope this place isn't going downhill...

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                  Never fear! Have been twice in the past few weeks, and it's still excellent.

                  The pizza they plan to roll out soon will incorporate Indian flavors, be truly vegetarian (e.g., rennet-free cheeses) and offered for take-out only, at least initially. I get the impression that it's an attempt to develop their take-out business, since dosa, idli and the like don't travel well. Sounds promising!

            2. EXNE has a lot of veggie dishes, and, while you can get pricey there depending on how you order, sticking veggie is probably an ideal taste-to-price ratio there. Also full bar.

              if you need an accomodating more casual meal, i'd recommend Clover- cheap, good beer, and all vegetarian.

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                Clover Harvard Square also has beer.

              2. In Cambridge: Veggie Planet, Elephant Walk, Helmand & Life Alive
                In Somerville: True Bistro & Sweet Ginger

                1. I would try Clover in Harvard square for a casual lunch.


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                    Isn't Clover a food truck? While they are supposed to be awesome and are great in good weather, or if you are bringing back to your office, eating outside in this weather might not be too much fun.....

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                      Clover has in-the-ground restaurants in Harvard Square and outside of Inman Square (across the street from the Bom Cafe, Muqueca's former space).

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                        Their location in Harvard Sq. has extensive seating as well as very fine beers.

                    2. Oleana would be my first choice, unless you think that it is too fancy.

                      1. We have lots of vegans in the family and based on your request, we had a consultation. We recommend Veggie Galaxy (not Veggie Planet) and Myers and Chang.

                        1. Take them to eat hotpot! Shabu Ya in Harvard Square is really great. You can order hotpot with a veggie broth and you can get various combinations of vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, and noodles. It's the perfect time of year to eat hot soup!
                          They also have delicious sushi, fyi.

                          1. I was just at Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge and have to say that I was hands down impressed. It's a casual / comfortable diner (breakfast all day) and everything on the menu is vegetarian and with a few substitutions everything can be made vegan. They also have a 100% vegan bakery which means everybody can choose from a plethora of desserts!

                            Full disclosure I'm not vegetarian or vegan and their Mass Ave omelet was so delicious I (almost) didn't miss the side of bacon ;-)

                            I believe they serve alcohol and also have separate kids and gluten free menus.