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Jan 25, 2013 09:24 AM

restaurant week for tomorrow

Where can I find information on which restaurants are serving RW menus for tomorrow. I was planning on going to dinner at a RW restaurant then going to the car show. Restaurants close to subway to go to the car show would be preferred.

Thanks ahead of time.

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  1. nevermind, found the restaurant website. which would you hounds recommend, as this will be my first time going to RW

    1. The restaurant deals only run Mon-Thurs, so you won't find one for tomorrow. Also, it is likely that most of the places for which RW is worthwhile (Amada, Barbuzzo, and some of the higher-end places) are already pretty-well booked up. I made a reservation for a RW lunch at Barbuzzo next week and there were hardly any available slots.

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        From what I saw on the website, it stated that certain ones did it on Saturday 1/26 also.

      2. Restaurant Week deals run from Sunday thru Friday, and some restaurants include Saturday. We are going tonight,
        Friday, to Liberte at the Sofitel. The best deals are to get one of the more expensive restaurants where the $35 is actually a good deal as opposed to a restaurant where you can easily get a meal for $35.

        10 Arts has been sending me emails so they might have an opening still.

        1. We went to Zahav for the last RW (the only time I've done RW in Philly). In contrast to most restaurants, during RW, Zahav forgoes their regular menu for a special RW-only menu. But this menu is exactly the same as their regular "Tay-Im" (Taste of Zahav) tasting, for which you are served 5 courses for $35 instead of the standard $39.

          Same food for less, how's that for a novel RW concept?!?!?!