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Jan 25, 2013 08:01 AM

Hudson Valley Restaurant for 40th Bday

I'm going to be staying up hear Hudson next month, and I'm looking for an amazing restaurant that I can actually get reservations for. It can be fresh and innovative, it can be classic but perfectly executed. I'm just looking for somewhere that will be a memorable experience.

I've been searching through the threads, but most of the "best of" discussions are a few years old. What's good right now?


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  1. hudson - crimson sparrow. if you want to travel a little, john andrews in great barrington (mass).

    1. Crimson Sparrow would be a great choice. Swoon can also be very good. John Andrew's (which BTW is in South Egremont, not Great Barrington) is good but if you are driving out that way I would give higher marks to Swiss Hutte or the Greens at Copake Country Club.

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        speaking of crimson sparrow, it was mentioned just two days ago in an article in the Times about farm to table in the "country":

      2. Ended up going to Swoon and had a really good dinner. Well-curated wine list too. Would definitely return.

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          Thanks for reporting. Glad it worked out well.

        2. The original comment has been removed