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Jan 25, 2013 08:01 AM

Anyone been to Nage recently (post remodel)?

Supposed to meet someone there for dinner next week.


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  1. DC or Rehoboth?

    The Rehoboth location was a favorite for years, but since their chef Hari Cameron opened A(muse) downtown we haven't been in. A(muse) is developing into a very special place.

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    1. Tried Nage.

      My companion opted for the 3-course prix-fixe menu, and had oysters to start, salmon as the main, and some of chocolate bar dessert to end. I ordered off the main menu and got the butternut squash bisque and crabcakes. Everything was fine, although my crabcakes were a bit dry, and crumbly. Portions are definitely smaller if you order from the prix-fixe menu, just fyi.

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        Thanks for the review. I just bought a groupon (or one of those) recently for this place.

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          I thought the redo of the decor was a good change.

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            I used my Groupon last night, so I wanted to report back. Overall, I liked it. I'll start with the bad stuff first, since there were only a couple things.

            The baked oyster app is supposed to have creamed spinach, house bacon and parmesan crumbs. There was no spinach to be found and the poor little oyster was just drowning in the gloppy sauce.

            My husband ordered the duck breast medium, but they cooked it medium rare (which I prefer). The skin was not crispy at all, which to me, is one of the best bites of a duck breast. But it was flavorful.

            I almost didn't order the mushroom baklava, but the only sweetness was really from the berries, so I enjoyed it. The chevre added a nice tang, and it was very mushroomy. Good stuff. My trout was excellent - perfectly cooked & fresh (I had some not-so-fresh trout in Philly a couple nights ago, so I needed to erase that experience). I didn't care for the lemon marmalade, though - much too Pledge-y - but it was at one end of the plate and easy to avoid.

            Seats at the bar at happy hour (on a Thursday night in DC!) prompted us to have a cocktail before dinner for $6 each. My husband ordered his Strawberry Fields (strawberries, basil, cilantro simple syrup, pear puree, basil-infused gin) "light on the sweet" and the bartender executed that perfectly.

            I counted 8 bottles of red which were under $40, which seems to be a rarity these days.