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Jan 25, 2013 07:43 AM

honeymoon in dolomites & florence

i've been doing some research, but wanted to find out if anyone has recommendations on restaurants (local favorites) in both the Dolomite and Florence area. we're headed to the dolomites this saturday and will be snowboarding for a few days. any activities that are a must besides that? we'll then be in florence for the remainder of our trip. any good restaurants and a must see there? never been to either and appreciate the guidance!

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  1. Have you used the Search feature in the upper right-hand corner of this page?

    Here is a past thread on the Dolomites:

    If you search for Florence, you will find dozens on threads with hundreds of recommendations!

    Here is one:

    1. you didnt say where you would be in the dolomites - there are a lot of threads - here is a big one

      note, if you use the search, the initial search will give you only the most recent results - you will get a whole lot more relevant info if you then adjust the timeframe for your search using the boxes on the upper right of your search results page.

      1. In the heart of th Dolmites, dine at Da Aurelio right at the top of Passo Giau. You can stay there too, about as romantic as it gets.