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Jan 25, 2013 07:25 AM

NEW: Schulzies Bread Pudding- 108 bread pudding flavors (& whiskey sauce), Hayes Valley, SF - any reports?

Thrillist mentioned the new Schulzies - 108 bread pudding flavors & whiskey sauce you can get hot or cold.

Any reports?

Schulzies Bread Pudding
364 Hayes St
between Laguna & Octavia, SF
Daily 11a-9p

Thrillist website w/ pics & video:

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  1. It's easy to walk right past it, but I'm surprised not to see a post yet.

    They serve bread pudding by the scoop. The toppings and ability to sample the flavors make it similar to frogurt and ice cream places. The one difference is that toppings are complimentary.

    I sampled three different flavors and got a smores bread pudding with whiskey sauce and crushed ice cream cone. I enjoyed the sauce and cone more than the pudding, which was uniform and mushy in texture and lacked the dense crusty bits that make bread pudding appealing. Rather than enhance an already good product, as they do with ice cream, the toppings serve to replace the texture lost in their bread pudding making process. Total bummer. It's understandable why the toppings are complimentary. Like Loving Cup, the rice pudding place in Cow Hollow, I love the idea but don't like the execution.

    I'd be curious to try a few more flavors, especially the ones like cheesecake which you'd expect to contribute a textural element.

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    1. re: hyperbowler

      Did you have it hot or cold? I thought I'd read somewhere that the bread puddings are mostly served refrigerator temperature . . . which turns my stomach.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        The temperature didn't make a big impression on me, but I know that the bulk are served "cold" and there are three served warm. If there's lack of texture in the cold ones I tried, I'd imagine the warm ones couldn't be better.

        Good sauce though and I can see that winning them a big audience. But based on your recent comments about Ike's being all about the sauce (which I agree with), I don't think Schulzies is going to win you over.

        I'm curious about the cheesecake, but between Arlequin's doughnuts early in the day (passion fruit filling right now!), Smitten till 10pm, and lots of sit down restaurants with good desserts, not sure it'll be soon.

      2. re: hyperbowler

        Is it a basic bread pudding and then they mix in the stuff like cold stone ice cream and add toppings or do they have some of the ingredients baked into it already? I love bread pudding and would be tempted to try it. I am partial to Tartin's though.

        1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

          It's more like a traditional ice cream parlor than Cold Stone--- each "flavor" consists of a different recipe for bread pudding with ingredients baked into it. The customer can then add other things on top such as marshmallows, syrups, etc. Any mushing around must be done by the customer :-)