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Kamp Dog, New London

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When I come back to this place, I keep finding more things that I like about it. I am am hopelessly hooked on the Kamp Dog, which is a foot-long Hummel (makes a difference) with a spicy chili meat sauce, cheese sauce (really just for color), and chopped onions. Last time in, I tried the chili fritos, $1.50, a small bag of Fritos with a dollop of the chili meat sauce and shredded cheese. Perfect while you're waiting.

I called in an order for breakfast the other morning and had what Ken calls the Jersey pork roll . It's a 3/4" thick slab of pork (huge!) fried up to a nice scald on a hard roll with eggs and cheese. Very good, but I think my favorite is the chorizo breakfast sandwich, which uses a chorizo sausage in place of the pork roll.

I think the place is pretty much nirvana for grilled foods, and I keep coming back for more.

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  1. So the hot dogs are done on the grill rather than steamed? Buttered and grilled hot dog bun? Thanks.