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Good lunch on Comm Ave, near BU?

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Mr. Swank has a meeting near BU today (near BU bridge). As a devoted wife, I'm wondering where he might find a worthy lunch prior to his meeting. Nothing sit-down and fancy, just a darn good sandwich, burrito, and so forth.

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  1. How about Otto Pizza on Comm Ave? http://www.ottoportland.com/888comm.html

    1. Is Roast Beast too far away?

      1. Victoria Seafood for solid Chinese seafood lunch? Or Brown Sugar Thai? both a bit farther down near West campus.

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        1. re: Science Chick

          Ooh, I really like Brown Sugar if he's heading outbound afterward.

        2. T. Anthony's @ Comm. Ave & Babcock St.; Panera Bread on Comm Ave.

          1. Pho Viet

            2nd Roast Beast

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            1. re: Gabatta

              Second Pho Viet - incredible bahn mi. Plus it's in the Super 88 food court, where there are lots of other Asian options.

            2. Sichuan Gourmet

              1. Nud Pob thai is right there.

                1. I know it's past the day, but Mr. CookieLee popped into the BU Student Ctr today. He told me there is a v. interesting food court there. We'll have to go on an expedition, and report back.
                  where did Mr. Swank end up going?

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                    BU turns over the food court fairly often based on costs, student feedback, etc. You can look up the current options. It's called the Union Food Court.

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                      excellent, thanks!

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                      I'm kinda disappointed I didn't see this thread earlier, I went to school at BU not long ago.
                      In the GSU (George Sherman Union), there are some alright options, the best thing there in my opinion is the Charles River Bread Company. You can choose an existing sandwich combo or make your own with a good variety of meats, breads, spreads, and cheeses.