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Where To Find Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup (canned/frozen?)

My grandmother loves Pepper Pot soup along with Snapper but can't find it anymore. Didn't Campbell's used to make it? Does anyone know a source for it in cans or frozen?

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  1. Bookbinders specialties makes what they call a seafood pepperpot soup Not sure where it is available retail.


    Also, there is a review of Campbell's pepperpot soup on Amazon.com that states that it was discontinued in 2010.


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      I think Bookbinders makes a canned Snapper soup too.

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        You are right Barry. It is listed on that website along with various chowders. I know I have seen the snapper soup in some local supermarkets. I have not seen the pepperpot soup.

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        My dad told me he misses Pepper Pot soup! I went to the site and it may be me, but I wasn't able to locate the option to purchase the soup.

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          It appears not to be available online there. Check with your local grocer, or you can order through amazon.

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          The Bookbinder Snapper is a family tradition for the soup course at Christmas dinner. That said, their Seafood Pepper Pot diverges from the traditional tripe recipe of Campbell's.

        3. I can see if my mom will give me her recipe for pepper pot soup if you'd like. Be aware it includes tripe. And it is luscious!

          Now that you've brought up pepper pot soup, I am suddenly wondering if anyone in town still makes really good snapper soup...

          1. There is the Polish version of Pepper Pot soup called flaczki is available at Super Deli, 2625 E. Allegheny Ave., Philadelphia in the Port Richmond section. Sold by the quart & can be frozen. I love Pepper Pot & find this a very hearty & meaty version. Worth the trips from the 'burbs, especially if you also plan Polish lunch at Syrenka's or in the restaurant at the front of Krakus Market on Richmond St. (they have Flaczki also). As for snapper soup, a decent version is sold at Rieker's Meats, 7979 Oxford Ave., Philadelphia in the Fox Chase section.

            1. My mom was addicted to Campbell's Pepperpot. We always had a healthy stockpile of in the cupboard. I loved it, too, until I found out what tripe was. My grandmother made it from scratch back when it was an institution.

              Walter Staib makes "West Indian Pepperpot" at the City Tavern but I've never tried it.

              As for snapper soup, no canned can compete with fresh. The Country Squire Diner on Rt. 3 in Broomall makes their own and I'll still go out of the way for a bowl with a healthy dollop of sherry.

              1. Please check out Bookbinder Soups www.BookbinderSpecialtis.com They brought back their Pepper Pot Soup after Campbell's discontinued their version. Their soup is also available on Amazon.com
                Bookbinder's soup is made with cod, where Campbells was made with tripe.

                When Bookbinders first came out, it was not as spicy as Campbell's, but they recently increased the spice level. A great improvement!

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                  They may have the soup at the Pennsylvania General Store in Reading Terminal Market. You'd be better off calling the store directly because their website does not offer all of the stuff they have at the retail location.

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                    Bookbinders does great stuff (huge fan of their Snapper soup). However, their Pepper Pot soup is "Seafood Pepper Pot" whereas traditional & Campbell's were based on tripe (cow stomach). The tripe is a key element for me.

                  2. Rieker's Prime Meats on Oxford Ave., Fox Chase, Philadelphia, recently expanded & now has both homemade, traditional snapper soup & pepper pot soup in their frozen food section.

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                      Cool. Just today, out of nowhere, mom mentioned she wanted a big bowl of pepper pot soup. (OK, so she said "peppery pot," but that's apparentlty what they called it back in the 30s.)

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                        Most Acme markets now carry Bookbinders Pepper Pot soup. I'll also try Rieker's, the next time I'm near Fox Chase

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                          Note that Bookbinders is "Seafood Pepper Pot" -- completely different from the traditional & Campbell's which uses tripe.

                    2. The City Tavern did have Pepper Pot Soup on their menu. Not sure if they still serve it. Closed currently because of the government shutdown. Theirs is a recipe for a version of Pepper Pot they call West Indies. I would expect difference from the Philadelphia Pepper Pot. As the Tavern attempts to recreate and enhance colonial foods this could be close to a soup served in the 18th century. www.recipelink.com/msgbrd/board_14/20...