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dagdag kosher in cancun (bring your own food)

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They took our reservation for 17 people but we decided to pick up instead. No delivery even though it says they do on the website. Cost 40 dollars for the cab. Went to the restaurant. 4 people were waiting for dinner and left without eating after waiting 90 minutes! We waited a total of 3 hrs from the time we ordered until MOST of the food was ready (not all). The place was far from hygenic. They told us they fired the staff for not using gloves and thats why it took so long but the owner was picking paper towel off my order with his bare hands. The food was fair at best. They kept telling us how great it all would be but even the fried fish came with the breading having fallen off in the fryer. They took an hour to make french fries and in the end still charged us full price for evreything. Better bet is to bring microwave meals and buy food from walmart as this place was nothing but aggravating.

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  1. Has any regular user of this board had any experience with dagdag. I'm stuck going to CanCun for a few days in early December (accompanying a client, not vacationing and I hate the beach).
    The original post sounds horrifying.
    The other two posts are from hit and runs, joined CH and made only these non-detailed positive posts. and the 770 tag on a post for a restaurant supervised by Chabad doesn't convince me to try it.
    I have a choice, as I'll be arriving and staying on a private boat and can eat on board, BUt if this place has anything to offer that is local cuisine I'd be interested in knowing.

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      I have no idea about this place, but would like to add that based on posting dates, the original post may have been during "Yeshivah Week". Yeshivah Week is the week to 10 day period in January that pretty much most of the schools in the Northeast are closed and almost everyone heads south. Very possible they cannot handle the volume at that time, but the rest of the year may be OK. Have heard that even Miami is horrible if you want to eat out taht week in January. If you care, in 2014 its 1/15 through about 1/26.

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        Yeshiva week has absolutely no effect on me or my plans.
        I just consider that last2 posts prior to yours tobe suspect an am looking for a real report from someone on this board wth a history/credibility..........................

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          It is all moot now. I ended up in the hospital instead of accompanying my client to Cancun. BIL (also an atty, was at his condo in Cancun and handled the business).

      2. It says on their website that they closed and a re reopening. But there was no date. Are they open again? We are going in a week and want to know. Thanx

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          It must have changed as previously, I think it said they were opening on January 5th.
          I am going this Wednesday for a week. I spoke with a kosher butcher, Shuky Kosher. They are a branch of Shuky Kosher from Mexico City and told me they are under the same hashgacha. They have meat and chicken, and have a restaurant and will also deliver to hotels.
          Their numbers are 998 884 6397 and 998 100562 and told me they are open from 9 am until 10 pm. Email is cancunkosherservic@gmail.com
          I plan on going there to see what they have, and will buy some meat, but at this point I have already bought chicken for my trip, and will not be relying on them.
          Prices appear reasonable just based on two items - Rib Eye works out to $9/10 per pound and Chorizo Suasage was $7 per pound. Everything is sold by the kilo (2.2 Pounds).
          BTW - Know anything about a minyan other than Chabad?

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            How was Cancun? Did u go to Dag Dag? Shuky Kosher? Any other Kosher insights? Going in two weeks