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Jan 25, 2013 02:21 AM

Overnight rise for enriched bread dough ?

Wonder if anyone has any experience with a long slow rise, in or out of the fridge, for an enriched challah-style bread dough ? I put my usual flour-yeast-salt doughs in the fridge for days until I'm ready to bake and they seem unharmed/ all the better, but does it work for doughs with eggs-sugar-fat ?

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  1. Overnight in the refrigerator certainly works. I have no experience with more than one night.

    1. I have done this with a sweet dough with eggs and fat (not milk) in the frig for a couple days, and it worked very well.

      1. I have done challah over one night, whcih works well, but never longer.

          1. I have a recipe from Health ABin5M/D for a soft whole wheat bread using oil/butter, eggs and honey. It's actually better if the dough sits in the fridge at least overnight. I wish I could tell you if it's good after several days, but it never makes it that long -- I can't seem to make it fast enough for DH & me and for my daughter's family!

            I do use King Arthur Flour's whole grain bread improver so maybe that helps with the rise?