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Jan 24, 2013 11:16 PM

need idea for a low maintenance dish

We're having friends over for lunch and there will be young babies involved (meaning, you eat when they are ready to let you eat....and you might only have one hand available to eat with). We need an idea for a dish that we could prepare ahead of time and is very forgiving time-wise.

Last time, we made pulled pork which was perfect.

btw, the babies will not be eating.


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  1. Chili
    Tuna casserole
    Mac and cheese using De Cecco/bechamel/asiago and some grana padano)

    1. Moussaka?

      Could eat with one hand with a fork.

      1. Actually I think pizza comes to mind. Not a deep dish that would require a knife and fork.

        1. I have a newish baby so I totally understand!
          Soups are great!
          Chicken and dumplings
          Potato soup