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Nice lunch before Barnes visit

coming down for the day from NYC to meet my daughter (Penn student) for lunch and a visit to the new Barnes Foundation. Would love a chowhound recommendation for a great lunch near the Barnes. And has anyone been to the restaurant in the Barnes, if so worth going to?

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  1. Have not been to new Barnes Foundation. However, less than a quarter mile away is a place for lunch called the Belgian Cafe. Had lunch there about 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed everything about it.

    1. What day of the week is this?

      1. we'll be there on a wednesday. like the idea of Belgian Cafe, also thoughts about Matyson? is that walking distance as well?

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          Matyson is a good choice for lunch on a weekday. Probably a 15 minute walk to the Barnes, or it's easy to hail a cab. It is BYOB, unlike Belgian Cafe.

          Matyson is a "better" restaurant in that it is chef-owned with an ambitious menu. Casual at lunch time. Not a knock against Belgian Cafe (haven't eaten there), they are different kinds of places, Belgian Cafe is a pub.

        2. Rose Tattoo is a nice choice (fabulous mushroom bisque), and just a few blocks from the Barnes.


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            +1 for the Rose tattoo. Also across the street is Kite and Key, a good pub, with decent food. Very good veggie burger. I like their mussels better than Belgian Cafe,(sweet Thai are the best) and they have a nice craft beer selection. In nice weather I like their outdoor seating. You will be able to park once and go to both the museum and lunch.

          2. Last summer a friend and I went to Sang Kee for Peking Duck after we visited the Barnes Foundation. The restaurant is in Chinatown so not that close but the food was excellent. We got a special they had: wonton soup, Peking Duck with the pancakes and then more duck with veggies and fried rice. Was a real feast and very affordable. They are open all day.

            1. What about considering lunch at the Art Museum or The Waterworks (right next door) and coupling TWO fine art museums instead of just one?

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                don't think we'll have time for 2 museums for thanks for the suggestion.

                Appreciate all the suggestions here! based on the menus that I've looked at online, Matyson looks like the food we would enjoy the most.

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                  Matyson is a great choice. I haven't been for lunch in a while, but it is always reliably excellent for dinner, and I've always felt lunches there were a good value.