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Jan 24, 2013 07:38 PM

Nice lunch before Barnes visit

coming down for the day from NYC to meet my daughter (Penn student) for lunch and a visit to the new Barnes Foundation. Would love a chowhound recommendation for a great lunch near the Barnes. And has anyone been to the restaurant in the Barnes, if so worth going to?

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  1. Have not been to new Barnes Foundation. However, less than a quarter mile away is a place for lunch called the Belgian Cafe. Had lunch there about 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed everything about it.

    1. What day of the week is this?

      1. we'll be there on a wednesday. like the idea of Belgian Cafe, also thoughts about Matyson? is that walking distance as well?

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          Matyson is a good choice for lunch on a weekday. Probably a 15 minute walk to the Barnes, or it's easy to hail a cab. It is BYOB, unlike Belgian Cafe.

          Matyson is a "better" restaurant in that it is chef-owned with an ambitious menu. Casual at lunch time. Not a knock against Belgian Cafe (haven't eaten there), they are different kinds of places, Belgian Cafe is a pub.

        2. Rose Tattoo is a nice choice (fabulous mushroom bisque), and just a few blocks from the Barnes.

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            +1 for the Rose tattoo. Also across the street is Kite and Key, a good pub, with decent food. Very good veggie burger. I like their mussels better than Belgian Cafe,(sweet Thai are the best) and they have a nice craft beer selection. In nice weather I like their outdoor seating. You will be able to park once and go to both the museum and lunch.

          2. Last summer a friend and I went to Sang Kee for Peking Duck after we visited the Barnes Foundation. The restaurant is in Chinatown so not that close but the food was excellent. We got a special they had: wonton soup, Peking Duck with the pancakes and then more duck with veggies and fried rice. Was a real feast and very affordable. They are open all day.