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Jan 24, 2013 07:34 PM

Kitchen Stores in Hong Kong

I am going t be in Hong Kong for a week and I would like to go to the best kitchen stores. I am looking for both an equivalent of Sur La Table or William-Sonoma and a great local market.


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  1. What do you want to buy? We have nothing like the "vanilla" brands you mention but we have lots of other goodies i.e. how many types of rice cooker do you want...?

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    1. re: PhilD

      I love to cook and I work as a designer in the kitchen gadget, appliance and BBQ industry. I want to find new items that are currently selling at stores that I may not find meeting my vendors.

      My request for Sur La Table and WS are mostly because they are the stores I love here in North America. Basically I am looking for the best places to buy kitchen gadgets, cookware, bakeware and BBQ tools.

      I am meeting suppliers in their show rooms but you tend to get the things they want you to see not the things I want to see.

      I want to be inspired.

      1. re: Kooper

        Well that is a bit tricky as we don't really have shops like that (apart from Pantry Magic - which is quite small). The basement on "Wing-On" and top floor of Sogo have large ranges but most of it is big international brands - that said they do stock a lot including some Asian brands from China and Japan. If you want traditional Chinese things like big chopping blocks, cleavers etc then head to Kowloon and wander up and down Shanghai Street.

        1. re: PhilD

          I've lived here long time and know the cookware shops like the back of my hand -- and what PhilD says is exactly right. HK is largely populated by Chinese and they just aren't into Western kitchenware. There is nothing like Williams Sonoma here (check out WingOn/Sogo and Pantry Magic). But even though Shanghai St is other end of spectrum (think catering or Chinese restaurant cookware) it's well worth a visit. Yau Ma Tei MTR, Exit B2, continue in direction of stairs, cross multi-lane rd and turn left into Shanghai St. Stores on both sides.

          I think your best bet as a buyer is mainland - there are whole districts specialising in certain product categories.

          Just a thought - these Australian guys are based in Jiangmen, which is ~2hrs from HK. They do gas BBQ's and carry some tools but might point you in the right direction for manufacturers of other stuff.