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Jan 24, 2013 07:27 PM

Swish by Han Auto-Gratuity [moved from Ontario]

Just had dinner at Swish by Han. We made a reservation for 6 but only 5 people could make it. We aren't told either when making the reservation or on arrival that they do an auto-gratuity.

When we finish our meal and are given our bill, she mentions gratuity has been added. I found it quite weird since we were only 5 people and it's normally only added for groups of 6 or 8.

I ask the server why we had a gratuity of 22.5% added onto our bill. She mentioned that for parties of 6+ they add exactly a 20% gratuity (it was 22.5%, I recalculated it twice). I told her that only our reservation was for 6, they didn't end up serving 6 people. That didn't make a difference to her. The auto-grat depends on your reservation size apparently.

I could maybe understand this more if they were losing customers because we made a reservation for more people than actually showed up, but the restaurant was about 1/2 - 3/4 full all night so that wasn't the case.

She then showed me on the menu the fine print stating gratuity is added for groups of 6+. NOT reservations of 6+, and NOT 22.5%!!!! Their auto-grat % could be fully discretionary and they could just toss out a random rate.

Has anybody else come across this? This just seemed like a total scam. We should have been told this from the start and weren't.

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  1. Wow!!! Day light or moon light robbery!!! Did you complain to 'management'?!

    1. Was the gratuity calculated on top of the tax?

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        That seems to be where the 22.5% came from. 20% on top of the bill with tax (HST being 13%) is the same as 22.6% on the bill pre-tax.

      2. Did it say the rate on the menu? I have never seen 22.5% before... Usually when it is an autogratuity there is tax charged on the gratuity .... and they may have even charged you the gratuity on top of the tax (maybe why the discrepancy). Did you change your group size by calling them before you showed up? Regardless, it would have been nice if they told you in advance when you booked. Most common amount I see it around 18% for autogratuity.

          1. Autograts always are taxed. I'm pretty sure that's why you see 22.5.