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Ramen in Toronto

So whats the best Ramen spot(s) you've come across in this town.

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      yes they do, and thank you for the link.

    2. I really enjoyed Kinton on Baldwin. If you've been to Guu izakaya...this is the ramen house they opened last summer. It's right near work for me and I finally gave it a try the other day. Really yummy, but it's always super busy. They've got a small simple menu...veggie, pork, chicken options. Different broths to choose from. Extra toppings to add to your ramen and some sides as well...dumplings, kimchi, pork, fried chicken, salad etc.

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      1. re: nessporter

        i love kinton but i've recently decided to chill on it for a while, they've gotta start offering a smaller bowl, that thing is absolutely not compatible with any kind of diet (once it is in front of me i lose all self control and stopping is not an option)

          1. re: disgusti

            I feel this way about Raijin. It's like the bowl that never ends...!

            1. re: jlunar

              Lovely evening for a drive. So decided to make a special trip all the way from up north to give Raijin a try. Unfortunately, experience was only so-so. A classic case of the product 'looking better than it taste'!!

              I found the Tonkatsu broth very bland and one-dimensional even though the milky and dense broth was very impressive looking at first glance. My noodles were underdone and my eggs over-cooked. The sweet tasting and super-tender pork belly was pretty good though. As an 'all-round' product, I found Santouka's to be the best so far. Broth much more complex and delicious. My son's Tsukemen fared better. The dipping broth tasted more multi-dimensional!

              One thing unexpectedly stood out from my meal. Not the Gyozas or the fried chicken but the surprisingly refreshing and tasty ' Bijoux de Cafe' dessert! Strong coffee tasting jello on smooth and silky milk pudding topped with fresh cream. Kind of like a deconstructed Tiramisu?! Great way to end a meal!

              Kingyo next?! Heard their Ramen is now the reference yard stick?!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Man!!! Those 'Coffee Jello cubes' in the dessert were POTENT!! Made with pure Expresso?? They kept me up till past 3.00am yesterday!!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Haha! Insomnia is the worst! I'll keep that in mind if I ever go there.

        1. Second TorontoJo! jlunar did a great overview and agree with her findings
          BTW, @ nessporter. Guu is an 'Izakaya' that serves Japanese noodles, one form or another. But it is NOT a 'Ramen House', a term in the eyes of Japanese takes seriously!

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          1. re: Charles Yu

            @Charles Yu...lol. Noooo...I was talking about Kinton Ramen. It's Guu's ramen house. They opened it last year. Don't worry, I'm half Asian...would never say Guu's a ramen house.
            Ryoji on College serves ramen too...not the best I've had, but they've got some other yummy items on their menu...and good sake.

            1. re: nessporter

              No problem! My fault! Must have read your posting too quickly!

          2. What's everyone's favourite these days?

            Did a tour of about 8 ramen places in Van over the last couple months - now back in TO, after about 3-4 places, Sensotei is our favourite, by a significant margin, of either Toronto or Vancouver.

            Have not been to Raijin or Kingyo as yet - but are they better than their Vancouver counterparts?

            Also, upon reflection - I don't think the $10-12 premium for Momofuku Ramen is justified in any way.

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            1. re: justxpete

              i haven't had ramen at momofuku, but $10-$12 premium do you mean its $10-$12 MORE than other places? So $20-$25 a bowl?

              For me, sansotei and santouka are top 2. The tan tan ramen at kingyo is also pretty great and is up there with these two.

              1. re: szw

                Sansotei is what, $7-8? While Momofuku is $15-17 or so?

                We had two soft drinks and two bowls of ramen at Sensotei last night for $16.36 taxes inc.

                1. re: justxpete

                  They forgot to charge you something. Their ramen is 9-10 a bowl at sansotei. ($8.90-$9.50 to be exact, according to their website)

                  People on yelp are complaining that momofuku is expensive, $14-$15 a bowl. Not exactly $10-$12 markup. Santouka is almost those price IIRC.

                  That being said, sansotei is a great deal! My only complaint is that the soup is NEVER hot...always tepid. The broth is also fairly light tasting lately, but still flavourful. Just not super fatty like santouka. I'm stil fine with that, since it taste good.

                  1. re: szw

                    Yeah, perhaps - although it hasn't changed my mind about Momofuku. They also seemed pretty covetous on the broth when I was in last week.

                    re: Sensotei - I find the opposite. Broth is always a good temperature, and I've never found it light tasting at all. I usually go during off-peak hours, though, as I won't wait in line for almost anything. I don't find Santouka to be *much* more fatty, but yes, more fatty for sure - but Sansotei, I find, has better/deeper flavour.

              2. re: justxpete

                Guu has a Tomato Ramen that I need to try next. Hear good things but haven't tried it myself.

                1. re: justxpete

                  Maybe I need to re-try it, but I do not think the momo ramen is worth the effort at all.

                  Sansotei's your top pick now? Hmn. Sansotei gets less love from me, just because I feel like Santouka/Raijin/Sansotei is all about geoproximity when I select them. Well, unless we're talking line ups. Raijin still does not get lineups, which is both good and still concerning. Great for me, though!

                  1. re: jlunar

                    Yeah, totally! The Tonkotsu Shoyu at Sansotei is really something else, imnsho. :P

                2. Just got back from Paris and I was very impressed with the Udon I had there. Yup, Udon by day is the best way to enjoy french cuisine every evening without burn out.

                  Now that I am back, whats the best Udon we have in Toronto?

                  That said I think Momofuku is the best ramen for me and I have tried everything you guys suggested.

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                  1. re: luxeat

                    For udon, I think bushi kappo udon's the only one in the main Toronto area that's doing fresh udon. Not sure about anyone else in say, J-Town.

                    That being said, Momo's ramen is my least favourite of Toronto's lot, so our tastes probably don't match for what we look for in ramen!

                    1. re: jlunar

                      to be honest, the ramen is changing a lot there and its not for the best.

                      I am liking Santouka more at times but really, Soba is my craving at the moment.

                      will give Bushi Kappo a try. Thanks.

                      1. re: luxeat

                        for soba, you could try the soba tuesdays at ichiriki on bloor.

                      2. re: jlunar

                        Momo's ramen is actually quite bad these days!!

                        1. re: Charles Yu

                          Have to agree with you Charles. Last time I turned to their "spicy" noodles. It was interesting but I felt like something spicy so it did not disappoint too much.

                          1. re: Charles Yu

                            I had it tonight. It was good, but they are fairly stingy on the broth.

                      3. Apparently, Kinton Ramen is opening another location in Koreatown called Kinton Ramen 2. They will be serving both pork-based and chicken-based broths.