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Jan 24, 2013 06:31 PM

Chowhound Network: What would YOUR show be like?

I think many of us have tired of the same old cooking shows. So let’s get creative. If you were the host of your own show on Chowhound Network what would it be like? What would you cook? Who would be on the show with you? Who knows? Maybe we can inspire something new.

My show would feature home cooks showing how to prepare food the old-fashioned way. That’s how I learned how to cook and still do. Here’s an example of what I mean. This lady Clara of “Clara’s Kitchen” is such a sweetheart. I can listen to her for days.

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  1. I would do a show much like the one Guy Fieri talked about wanting to do when he was on Next Food Network Star. A show aimed at men to teach them that they too can learn to cook. It wouldn't be Michelin Five Star gourmet cuisine, just good old fashioned guy food.

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      I like it! Way too many/nealry 90% of my male friends exist on bags of chips and frozen chicken nuggets and refuse to believe that cooking great meals can be quick and easy. I have managed to convert a few who now wonder "wow, I've noticed that I'm no longer constipated and have horrible stomach pain." How is that for a revelation...

    2. Mine would be a New Orleans-influenced show, with both the unique cuisine of New Orleans, plus the Deep South.

      Rather than "BAM," it would actually work with the cuisine, and incorporate jazz, or other musicians - just food - great food.


      1. It would be hardcore food science/engineering, with a terrifying amalgamation of Alton Brown, Harold McGee, Nathan Myhrvold, and all the luminary chefs of modern/molecular cuisine.

        1. Thanks for the Clara link! She's sweet.

          For myself: I think some of my favorite cooking comes from throwing together something quickly from random things in the fridge and pantry. So I'd do a "Planned Leftovers" show.

          Making rice? Make some extra so you can make a fried rice dish 1-3 days later.

          Got some leftover roasted potatoes? Use some eggs and cheese and veggies to make a frittata. (For cream, I actually use those little half-and-half containers for coffee, because they don't spoil fast and I can always have some around.)

          The "planned" part of this approach is that it pays to do some things ahead, like begin thawing shrimp the day or two before you think you might want to make a fried rice dinner, plus just making extra of starches and veggies and meats.

          Pantry or fridge items: thai chili pastes, fish sauce, tomato paste frozen in chunks, eggs, frozen cubes of broth and porcini soaking liquid, assorted chopped veggies, and (of course) onions and garlic. You can make tons of dishes with these accessories.

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            My show would be alot like yours. It would start with vertical fridge doors opening. Close up shot of many rubbermaid containers full of leftovers and pre-cooked staples. Cut to a clock - it is 6:45 PM and I've just returned home from work. Calculating....... I then whip up a delicious meal from fridge findings and pantry staples. Cooking 911.

            1. re: tcamp

              You've got a much better show name in mind: Cooking 911.

              It's a good real-world concept: throw together something awesome from random ingredients on hand.

              1. re: Bada Bing

                I think there was a show on FN called Cooking 911.

                1. re: TrishUntrapped

                  Close. It was called Food 911 with Tyler Florence.

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                      You're welcome. I thought he was cute so i remember him.

          2. "Iron Chef: Slow-Cooker Version"

            Eight to twelve hours of programming in one shot. Plenty of defrosting, chopping, peering, tasting, adding.

            The Duke says he'd watch "Hmmm, What Would Go With This Beer?"