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Jan 24, 2013 06:12 PM

Carbone's in North Denver

According to a blog in Westword, Carbone's has closed. Hate it, hate it.
A suasage house named Clyde's somewhere in the same neighborhood was recommeded by one of my wife's pizano relatives. Anyone have any info on it?
I hope that maybe Carbone's will reopen in the future with the sons running it but if not...............................

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    1. Well.. there's another part of my soul that has died. Wherever you are, Rose Lonardo, your complaining made me smile, your advice gave me hope and your food made my meals better.I hope you and Nick feel refreshed with the change in life. Please don't kill him.

      1. Drove by Carbones Friday and it looked as if there is some activity going on. Windows partially masked as if there is painting going on. Sign is still Carbone's and the closed sign is still on the door but maybe they're coming back.