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Jan 24, 2013 05:36 PM

Fortunate to be in LV for Business and Fun on an Expense account

I will be coming out to Vegas for a business trip next month and I will be on expense account. I am looking for a blend/mix of things to do as
I will be with business accounts but the good thing about my business is that most of my accounts are my friends so I am looking for fun places, interesting experiences and good food. I am not a big fan of form over function so I don't need fussy service or intricate food.

Here is my itinerary that I would like to plan around:

Get into LV saturday around 7, need to check in and then want to go off the strip to where locals go to drink and eat. Ideally would like some dive bars to hit first and then some unpretentious but banging food before we head back to the strip. Have seen posts on Ichiza, Kabuto, LOS, Chad and Raku but really have no idea on what is the right call.

Sunday I will be looking for a killer brunch or dim sum option as I am sure we will be hungover. Later that night our conference starts so I will need places on the strip to meet for a drink and then dinner?

During the day on Monday and Tuesday I will be at the Aria during but will be willing to take a cab somewhere for lunch so I would love to get some recommendations there. Maybe some good sushi/ligther fare.
For Monday and Tuesday night I need recommendations for really good late night (after 10pm) dinning that I can either be with one other person or a table of 8. Will be fine hitting the strip or off the strip.

Places that I have read about that sound interesting:

First Food and Bar
Le Thai
China Mama
beijing Noodle

All thoughts and itineraries will be most welcome! Thank you in advance!

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  1. I have not been to Kabuto, of the five places you mentioned in the first paragraph. I think the other four might all be worth a visit, albeit for different purposes. The food at Ichiza, IMO, is several notches below the other three, but if your trips to the bars put you in a slightly rowdy mood, Ichiza might be ideal. It's lively, youthful, and fun. Chada and Raku both have a mellow atmosphere.

    Chada is absolutely ideal for your late nights on Monday or Tuesday. You can have a full meal or just a few small plates or just drink wine or beer (no hard liquor). It's open until 3:00 a.m..

    I do strongly recommend LOS and Raku, probably my two favorite places to eat in Las Vegas. Raku is only open for dinner; LOS is open for lunch on weekdays -- if you go, definitely order from the menu rather than opt for the buffet.

    A lighter lunch? Some of my favorites are Monta, for ramen (in the same mall as Raku), La Mexicana or Tacos El Gordon, for antojitos, Made In Italy for Roman-style pizza; and Viva Arepas (see QAW's post today for an update).

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      One sad note that we must update - the nice folks at Made in Italy have decided to go back to Rome. New owners have taken over the spot, which is now called "Pizzalicious", but the menu and style have been changed. A shame to lose what had been the best Roman-style pizza Las Vegas had to offer.

      1. re: QAW

        Arggh. I feared that. Of my friends I recommended it to, very few visited. Location, location, location.

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Including me.

          On my last visit, I went to DiFara instead of Made In Italy. I'm back now and am sad to hear it's gone.

          Mr Taster

    2. For your Sunday brunch, I'd recommend Bouchon. Specifically the chicken and waffles at Bouchon. That's all I can give you from your list, although China Poblano at the Cosmopolitan might do you a good lunch on your Monday/Tuesday.

      1. Let me guess - you are a futures or options broker. Coming around Superbowl time? You cannot go wrong with Lotus of Siam - or indeed many of the places you listed. If you are staying at Aria, I have found that Julian Serrano serves a delicious egg with potatoes and chorizo sausage (huevos something or other) that is not too heavy and would settle a hangover nicely. Lots of other good stuff on the menu.

        1. Hit the Hangover Brunch at the Bar+BIstro located in the Arts Factory,and catch some live Bluegrass. Just North of the Stratosphere.

          Friends love Eat, and LeThai.

          a fun place is Tiffany's Cafe around 2am-usually when I am in there =)