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Jan 24, 2013 05:22 PM

Draining frozen spinach?!

HOW is this done without a salad spinner?!
I love spinach and would love to cook with the frozen, chopped variety more often but I have NO idea how to drain it without making a huge mess. Usually, I thaw it in a colander and then press it with my hands, but that squeezes some out of the colander and gets my hands all spinachy. Plus, it's still wet enough to add a substantial amount of water to whatever I'm preparing. I've even gone as far as to spin it through a freaking pillowcase but that made a giant mess and left spinach all over the inside (look, I was desperate.)

There has got to be a trick to this. HELP!

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  1. My only trick is copious amounts of paper towels or a towel. I don't mean a little kitchen towel, I mean a big towel that I don't mind being stained green. I roll it up (like a jelly roll) and press with all my might.

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      I've tried paper towels, but they break apart when they get wet - even if you used several layers at a time.

    2. Well, my way will still get your hands "all spinachy" but it's the best I've come up with. I squeeze a handful at a time over a colander (to catch the bits that inevitably drop). Then when I've squeezed as much as I can that way, I press all the handfuls onto several sheets of paper towels, folding the edges over the top to blot up the remaining liquid. This gets about as much liquid out as possible.

      I have seen Rachel Ray wrap it in a kitchen towel and wring it out but then you've got a spinachy towel.

      1. I leave the package of unopened frozen spinach out on the counter overnight. Once it's thawed I take SMALL handfuls and squeeze them out one by one over the kitchen sink and drop it into a bowl. It takes a while, but it's really not that messy. :)

        1. If you like creamed spinach, check out Pam Anderson's version at She uses frozen spinach, but you don't have to drain off any of the liquid. It is delicious.

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            Thanks for mentioning this - I'm going to try it.

          2. I use my ricer to squeeze it.