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Great Client Restaurant near Merchant Mart

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Hi Everyone! I am heading to Chicago in June and am planning events for a few large groups of clients (10-18 people). Can you please recommend great restaurants near the Merchant Mart that will impress clients in terms of food and atmosphere? Thank you!

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  1. You mean the Merchandise Mart.

    With 10-18 people, you will probably want a place that can give you a private room, or at least a semi-private area.

    Naha is an absolutely terrific restaurant, with contemporary American cuisine. According to Opentable, they have a semi-private room that holds 24, which would be perfect. www.naha-chicago.com

    GT Fish & Oyster serves seafood in a small plates format, and does a great job with craft cocktails too. Their website says they have a private room that seats 40. www.gtoyster.com

    Coco Pazzo has excellent Italian food. They have a raised alcove that seats 35-40. www.cocopazzochicago.com

    Chicago Cut Steakhouse is one of our very best steakhouses. Their website mentions a private dining setting but isn't specific, so you'd have to discuss it with them to get details. www.chicagocutsteakhouse.com

    Baume & Brix is a new modern American restaurant that I haven't been to yet, but it's gotten great press and it's one of my top places I want to try. They mention private dining on their website, but again, you'd have to discuss details with them. www.baumeandbrix.com

    Piccolo Sogno Due has outstanding Italian food. Their website has a contact for private parties but doesn't mention private rooms or areas. www.piccolosognodue.com

    All of these are within two blocks of the Merchandise Mart. They all have great food, and they're all nice places, the kind of places where you would want to take clients.

    I've posted general advice regarding private parties at restaurants in this topic:

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