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Jan 24, 2013 04:49 PM

Burning from peppers

The poblano pepper - hardly a hot one. I just cut up 3 of them for some chicken chili. I've touched various places on my face and ears and now those spots are burning. Ouch. What's the home remedy to put the fire out?

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    1. funny as it is, sour cream smeared on the areas help.

      My husband laughed at me once for this.

      I was using hotter peppers but hot water makes it worse. so don't try to take a hot shower to wash everything off.

      1. Vegetable oil reputedly works better than water, because capsaicin is oil-soluble. Source: The Whole Chile Pepper Book by DeWitt and Gerlach.

        1. Yes, oil. To test if it's on my fingers, I touch a finger to my tongue. If that's a positive, I use oil and a scrubby to scrub the ends of my fingers.

          1. Peanut Butter. No, seriously. You dab peanut butter on the burning spots, wait a minute or two until your skin temp starts to melt the peanut butter and then wash it off with some sort of soap that removes grease. The capscacin is oil-soluable, so if you put fat on it (butter also works but is harder to apply), then use something that washes the fat off it works quite well. It works better then just using the soap on its own.

            An oil-removing facial scrub is great for this, but dishwashing detergent works great too, just use cool/cold water and not hot.

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              I just tried peanut butter and lo and behold.......It worked, Thanks Ariadanz.