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Jan 24, 2013 04:44 PM

If you hit the powerball and could allow food to dominate your life, where would you reside?

If you're like me and about twice a year grab a powerball ticket, you have to dream!!
Where would you establish a home for the food that suits you the best? How would you go about preparing (in a general way) your dream meals?
Thanks for sharing :)

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  1. Great question.

    I enjoy cooking but if money were abound, I would want to live somewhere that offerred not only seasonal, fresh vegetables, and herbs but fine dining as well.

    In the summer early evenings, I would hold monthly dinners on enormous picnic benches on the grassy field of my back yard. Meals would come from my wood-burning stove and gourmet kitchen with a picturesque view.
    Winter nights would be spent next to my fireplace, eating dinner cooked by our oersonal chef. My partner and I are sipping local Reds.

    My choice is Napa Valley. But that is for food and weather purposes. Paris is my dream choice.

    OP: what is your answer?

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    1. re: globocity

      Thanks for asking. Southern Thailand. We lived there for a year as the man-gator's work dictated, and my tastebuds came alive!!
      Good standard of living, abundant ingredients, and friendly neighbors with whom to share. Phuket was my heaven. I started to do my first real cooking there, just by asking the vendor ladies to come over to my place to help me to make "their" dish for some baht. All cheerfully obliged. Who could want more?

      1. re: alliegator

        Thailand for me as well. I worked there for several months on three trips (Rayong Town). Not a tourist place, which was great because I got food same as the locals unless I went to a fancier restaurant. Then I had to tell them make it like for a Thai person.

        1. re: ARenko

          I've met several farang who worked in Rayong for one reason or another. Never been there, but I'm sure there were great opportunities to eat like a local.
          That was the one downside to Phuket--I was often served tourist food. But as I came to frequent certain places, it was understood that I wanted my food the real Thai way. And I was lucky to make a few Thai girlfriends who would take me with them when they visited family, that's when the real eating began!

    2. Call me shallow but I'd want to live somewhere by the beach so that I would have some motivation not to just sit around and stuff my face all day. Swimming burns calories AND forces me to put on a bikini. If I had a boat (and captain-for-hire, I can barely operate my own car!) the island of Ischia would probably be good. I'm pretty sure I could live off tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and fresh almond milk forever. I haven't been to Corsica or Sardinia but I imagine they'd both be suitable too. Barcelona would also definitely be an option (I fully admit to buying lottery tickets and then googling "Barcelona luxury real estate" a few times every year...). I would love to be able to grow my own fruits and vegetables under the helpful guidance of like, a super-old local man and his goat, but with him doing most (all) of the unpleasant stuff while I sort of prance around the garden looking like Gwyneth Paltrow and taking photos for my Instagram. But I'd pay him REALLY well and do really nice things for him and his goat.

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      1. re: Jetgirly

        I'm not going to use the word shallow for even one second here. I've lived by a beach in total for 6 years in the past, and your beach theory is absolutely true!

      2. I would run straight back to San Francisco.

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          1. re: baseballfan

            And I would stay right here, or head to Singapore.

          2. What a fun topic! I would have a hard time choosing because DH and I have different priorities when it comes to food (although we like a lot of the same things). We'd probably split our time between Santa Fe (gorgeous weather for outdoor cooking and fabulous Northern New Mexican cuisine and ingredients), the coast of Italy (really anywhere around the boot!), the southern coast of France (anywhere in France, really, just for the cheese) and perhaps Thailand (though I've never been there, I ADORE Thai food, and I hear the beaches are great!). To appease DH, we'd probably just have residences in Italy and Santa Fe, and vacation in the other two spots. :)

            I'd have a huge herb garden, a wood-fired oven in the backyard and of course the kitchen of my dreams. A workroom for brewing beer (for DH) and a cave for making and aging cheese (for me). Wine cellar.

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            1. re: biondanonima

              We must be related!!! My list is similar to yours. Northern New Mexico or Napa in the US, someplace in France with frequent visits to Italy, and frequent long visits to Asia. Just returned from Hong King and Thailand and we never had a bad meal.

              Would have to have a hobby farm somewhere. We love to get our hands dirty and raise our own food. Of course with the lottery winnings someone else could clean out the chicken coop and barn. I'd have time to explore making goat cheese something I've been wanting to do for years.

              Hubby votes for a home in Hawaii. I guess that would work too!

            2. Easy! Mexico and preferably Cozumel. Bring on the ceviche and fajitas!