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Jan 24, 2013 03:25 PM


Hello, I'm in Surrey and I'm looking to try some dishes with kimchi. Where do I find it and what is the brand to buy? Thanks for replies :-)

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  1. Go to any decent Korean restaurant near Lougheed Mall (eg Insadong) and try a few dishes. Then walk over to H-Mart on North Road (about a 5 min walk from Insadong). Go to their great kimchi section (on the left side of the store) and buy their house made stuff. They also have a good selection of jarred kimchi.

    1. In Surrey, Il Uk Jo used to be a pretty good Korean resto. haven't been for a while though. It's at the corner of Fraser Hwy and 152nd. Their Kimchi Jigae (pork kimchi soup) used to be pretty good and the stuff they served with bulgogi was fine.