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Jan 24, 2013 03:18 PM

Tadich [San Francisco]

Has anyone been to "Tadishes" restaurant?

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  1. If you mean Tadich Grill, maybe the person who suggested you go there spent a long afternoon at the bar.

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    1. HaHa, don't really get it, but thinks for posting the link of reviews. I couldn't find info here.
      I know nothing about this place, but planning a trip to SF and am a foodie wanting to try some good restaurants while there.

      1. I had lunch a Tadich a week ago and enjoyed my meal.

        If you go to the upper right-hand corner of this page and search for Tadich, you will find a number of past threads discussing it.

        Tadich is an old-school seafood house that gets a lot of business from both locals and tourists. Most of the food is rather simply prepared. If you are dining alone, you can enjoy your meal sitting at the counter.

        My advice is to stick with whatever fish is fresh that day and have it broiled or pan-fried.

        Sam's Grill, on Bush Street just east of Kearny, is another good old-school seafood house. It is smaller and gets fewer tourists.

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        1. re: DavidT

          Now that was very helpful David, thank you.
          Don't know how I missed the upper corner box!
          Someone posted to just type in "Union Square" (where I'll be staying") to find out some excellent restaurants for foodies.

        2. As said before, Tadich is an old-school seafood house. It's also one of the last vestiges of how SF used to be and well worth going there for that experience. I find the food varies from just perfect to mediocre, but I go a few times a year anyway "just because". I can't imagine visiting SF and not going there.

          1. I love Tadich Grill. Favorites there are a martini, oysters and cioppino. The sand dabs are excellent, though not my thing; they are pan-fried and delicious.

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            1. re: pauliface

              +1 for the cioppino - my favorite in the city! Every time I go to Tadich, I look at the menu, choose a non-cioppino dish, then the waiter comes and I blurt out cioppino as my order :)

              1. re: bobabear

                exactly what happens to my. I try to order something else, but I can't.

                1. re: bobabear

                  Ha Ha .. I always read over the menu (extensive, changes daily, many options for any non-fish eaters) and 99% of the time, order the fried shellfish, no calamari please. Sand Dabs are great (fried). Once (how daring of me!) I ordered the lobster thermador ..pricey and I would not bother ordering it again.

                  Tadich does not close in between lunch and dinner so that's a perfect time to go if you like it quiet and don't want to wait around for a table.

                  Sam's was excellent a long time ago. After a lunch that was very bad, I've been reluctant to return.

                2. re: pauliface

                  Honestly one of the worst Cioppinos I've ever had no matter what anyone says. Maybe it depends on the day and the cook? Thin, tasteless, watery.

                  Stick to simple grilled items (sand dabs are a great local treat here) and maybe try the Longbranch potatoes: a type of steakhouse fry that is supposed to be enhanced and changed by soaking in sugared water before frying. Not a thick fry fan but I love the Longbranch. Love the huge broiled Lobster Tail - very few restaurants here do it thus. Nostalgic dish from childhood. Hard to pull off, but perfect at Tadich. The little bit of lightly browned meat is deliscious if the lobster isn't over cooked by the method.

                  They can sure grill and broil.

                  1. re: stanbee

                    Possibly the cioppino depends on the day/cook, or maybe we have different perceptions. I don't find it thin, tasteless, or watery.

                    1. re: pauliface

                      I agree, definitely depends on the day/cook. Had a thinner cioppino a few months back that I didn't enjoy, but went a few weeks ago and it was thick and delicious again.

                    2. re: stanbee

                      I don't think much of their cioppino either, though there are worse things you could order there.

                      Here's a discussion of what to order: