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Dinner tomorrow in Phoenixville

Hello fellow Hounds!

We are headed to the Colonial Theater tomorrow night to see a friend's band play. What are the best choices for an early Friday dinner these days? I have been hearing the Black Lab is declining. We are open to everything but Indian. My husband isn't a fan. Thanks!

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  1. Simple meal but Vecchia Pizza is producing some of the best Pizza in the philadelphia area. http://vecchiapizzeria.com/

    Iron Hill and Molly Maguires are both there and the food is ok.

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      Is Vecchia BYOB? We have Iron Hill and Molly Maguires here.

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        Yes Vecchia is BYO.. very limited menu but the quality is great.

        And yes I forgot you were in the Lansdale/North Wales area.

    2. Daddy Mim's for creative cajun par excellence. Not all fire and brimstone killer peppery stuff, but that is available. And is BYO. The Crab Cheesecake is the killer app of the decade.

      1. Higher end is Majolica. Almost across the street, BYOB, and just very good.

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          Majolica is wonderful, even after the change of menu. I just wonder whether you can get reservations for a Friday on short notice. Perhaps the snow/weather will help.

          +1 for Daddy Mim's.

          Also Thai L'Elephant is good thai but its not directly in downtown Phoenixville.

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            Here's another vote for Majolica.
            Black Lab second.

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              We have a reservation at Majolica! Thank you for your help. I will report back this weekend.

        2. Do you like Thai? Thai L'Elephant is half a block away and very good! It's BYOB. I can also vouch for how good Daddy Mims is too.

          1. Actually Thai L'Elephant is now. They moved about a year ago to the corner right across from Vecchia Pizza on the same side, only half a block down from The Colonial if that.

            1. Pepperoncini's is an Italian Grotto restaurant which we have been to twice with friends. All enjoyed their entrees served with friendly service at moderate prices. Pepperoncini may point out that they do offer some interesting dishes which are a notch above standard "red sauce" offerings. If one is up for this type food make the descent to a "South Philly" replica grotto.

              BTW it has now become clear to me that I may be the only person on CH or perhaps in the entire region who, after two visits, does not like Majolica.

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                I wouldn't say I don't like Majolica but I have been there twice too and I'm not as enthusiastic as most.

                As for Pepperoncini, I've been to the Conshohocken location and don't understand what you mean by Italian Grotto. Is this one underground?

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                  Yes, down a flight of steps and underground. Thanks for your comments on Majolica; some validation that I am not completely off base.

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                    I really hope we have a good experience! It is too late to change course we are leaving in 15 minutes!

                2. Good call on Majolica, IMHO.

                  As menthion, Thai L'Elephant moved and is now right on Bridge St. I've always loved their food, but the service at the old location was downright awful. It's improved at the new location, but still don't expect your server to check up on you, and you might have a hard time flagging them down...

                  I've only been once to Daddy Mim's, their NYE prix fixe for 2011/2012 and was definitely not impressed. Portions were ridiculously small and completely inconsistent between my wife and I. Both overdone fish (to the point of leather) and beef. May be they are better on the regular menu, but in any case, the owner bought the Columbia, which I believe is now serving creole, and the Daddy Mim's space is now something italian-themed. IIRC, the Daddy Mim's space used to be partially occupied by a pizzaria, so perhaps they're bringing that concept back.

                  I agree with your impressions of Black Lab. OK for a lunch spot, and nice to get a spot on the sidewalk during summer, but for what you get I wouldn't want to pay the prices the charge for dinner entrees.

                  I can't bring myself to go back to Pepperocini since they served us rancid shrimp in a pasta dish. I'm not talking "slightly off", but you-can-get-seriously-ill kind of rancid. I've no idea how they could not have smelled it, the only thing I can think of is that it was pre-cooked and they just warmed it from the fridge without paying any attention- which doesn't bode well, in general.

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                    Rancid shrimp would keep me away for sure! Agreed, not a good indication of careful handling of their foods. I had no need to go back and now I have a reason to not. This was one of those scary mistakes that could have had serious consequences.

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                      I understand about Pepperoncini. We had rather liked it when they opened, but it soon went downhill. We've stopped going. Nothing as bad as what you had, but a few months after opening, they were nothing more than your run-of-the mill Italian-American joint. People still like the Conshohocken location, I think.

                    2. I recently ate at Daddy Mims, which now located in the Columbia Hotel, with a group of 10 people. Everyone was thrilled with their meal. I did the Chef's Tasting, 4 courses for $35. Start to finish, it was wonderful! They have a full bar now but you can still BYO wine. A table for two by the fireplace looked very cozy!

                      1. We did not make it to Majolica tonight. The snow and traffic made it impossible to get there for our reservation. After almost 45 minutes of driving we ended up at From the Boot in Blue Bell. We had a very nice dinner and actually were in our seats at the theatre when the first band started, after the rush hour traffic. We almost bailed on the whole evening.