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Jan 24, 2013 02:47 PM

Best Mac n Cheese is in Bronx and made by Mexicans

Curiosity drove me inside. What the hell was a Macaroni and cheese take out joint, and why was it in the South Bronx. I wasn't expecting much.

What I got was some of the best Mac n Cheese I have had. Almost burnt on the top but creamy on the inside. Each take out serving (Small or Medium) is carefully prepared, then packaged with two forks and put in a box. There are 7 or so varieties, from plain old 4 cheeses to Mexican.

I have had pretty much all of them, but prefer the Vegetarian (mushrooms and broccoli) and the Mexican (Spicy with ground beef).

Landin Macaroni & Cheese (705 Melrose Ave) is run by Sergio Sanchez and his two sons. He has lived in NY for fifteen years, having immigrated from Morelia Mexico.

When I asked him "what the hell is a Mexican guy doing making Mac n Cheese?" he replied, "I am always thinking. Always have ideas. I have worked in kitchens all my life and wanted a different place. I love Macaroni and Cheese."

Not many folks go to the Bronx. I do for my work so am happy to have a place to stop by on way home.

I also love they don't have a large serving. Just medium and small.

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  1. Homemade mac & cheese -- with plenty of love added -- is the best! Thanks for the recommendation. We're gonna try this place on one of our weekly trips to NYC.

    1. Here is the other photo which did not load for some reason.

      1. I've walked by this place a number of times and never felt inclined to go in. Do you have a close-up photo?

        1. Mexicans can cook everything

          1. It's cute that they put in two forks.