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Jan 24, 2013 02:38 PM

preparing for SNOW!?! [moved from Home Cooking board]

We RARELY get more than PITA amounts of snow here in NJ... tho have had a few that proved inconvenient... semi- stranded in cul de sac for... maybe 24 hours?!?

Snow in forecast for late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. I DID get gas tank filled... but warning light came on... DUH!?!

My prepartions include a mental check list... toilet paper, cat food/litter, coffee (though wouldn't DIE without it) and some GOOD stuff to cook/eat. Have a rack of baby back ribs, rubbed down and will be ready for a low/slow time in over in a few hours. Bought some nice shrimp to snack on. DID see people in normal "panic mode"... LOTS of bread, milk, eggs in carts.

OH... accumulation? Saying MAYBE 1-3"!?!

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  1. When we're preparing for snow in Connecticut and it looks like we'll not be leaving the house for a day or so, the first thing we make sure to have plenty of is liquor... but that's beside the point.

    We've actually exposed ourselves, several times over the years, to the hysterical shop-o-mania that occurs before a New England snowstorm. Yes, the bread/eggs/milk/water/batteries are decimated. (A comic once said, 'what is it about a snowstorm that makes people want to cook breakfast all day long? [egg, milk, bread])

    More to the point, we buy a pork shoulder (which they give away unless people in the neighborhood are gas grill barbecue savvy) -- or actually whatever larger cut of meat happens to be there. We cook said roast very slowly in the gas oven and it imparts a lovely aroma to the kitchen and, when done, gives us something to pick at for dinner. That's what I love about OP's post.

    If there's "hunkering-down" to be done, I buy apple cider by 2-3 gallons and we mull it with spices and brown sugar. During the day it warms up snow-plowers, and at night, spiked with our favorite booze, it warms us up all over and cures cabin fever...

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    1. re: shaogo

      Ha ha ha! Liquor is always my most concern. Then TP. . .

      We've been snowed in when I lived in WY and rarely had to worry about what to eat. However, it's nice to know when you've got the protein, veggie and carb covered. Soups were always my go to.

      1. re: JerryMe

        WY? Yes, we've had days where we just don't want to be out in the stuff, I make sure we have a full pantry, also nice to have non-cooked typed stuff on hand for when/if the power goes out.
        But, sadly, this year we have very little snow. I fear that the whole state will be on fire this summer.

    2. Are you forecast high winds and/or ice rain too? If so, I'd have some non-cooking nibbles on stand-by in case you lose power.

      We had nearly 3 feet of snow back near the new year, was a good blizzard from morning to evening. Spent the day baking. I do believe I made a snickerdoodle inspired traybake from my Smitten Kitchen cookbook.

      1. I'll never understand the snow panic - "toilet paper, peanut butter, milk, eggs, bread" - that everyone goes into.

        Honestly guys - think about it. Unless a blizzard is predicted, how long does "1-3"!?!" of snow last on the ground?? To the point where you can't get provisions after what? One day?

        Sorry "ksiverd", but you sound like you're a member of the very "panic mode" you mention. One to three inches!?! Oh the humanity!!

        When an actual BLIZZARD is predicted (& this doesn't mean just a couple of inches), we just make sure to have a few gallon jugs of water, propane cans for our camp stove, eggs, canned soup & chili, & lots of goodies. And when I say goodies, I don't mean peanut butter, milk, toilet paper, etc., etc. We have that stuff on hand all the time. For goodies, I mean a few nice bottles of wine, good crackers, cheese, rum for hot toddies, yadayadayada.

        But again - this is blizzard stuff, not a paltry "MAYBE 1-3"". LOL!! What the heck will you do "ksiverd" if you ever have to experience a REAL blizzard? I shudder to think.

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        1. re: Bacardi1

          I didn't even grow up in a snowy area (Central CA, snowed once when I was 15), and I don't understand the panic either...1-3" is nothing and I could drive through that even in my 2 door Honda (which is NOT AWD). I lived in Chicago for 7 years, and now live in CO. I figure, if it's THAT bad, we could live off the food in our pantry for quite some time. The only thing I'd hate to run out of is Diet Coke (hello caffeine withdrawals) and toilet paper, but we're usually pretty well stocked on those items. But if I had to go to the store to pick up one of those two essential items, I would probably also pick up some fixings for a nice breakfast as well, since that's something we don't do very often and a hot breakfast is great when it's cold and snowy out.

          1. re: Bacardi1

            I'm with you barcardi! These threads do amuse me. We ONCE had a power failure that lasted slightly more than 24 hours...and we live in snow country. We're happy that we have a natural gas line to our grill so we always have a cooking/boiling water source. Other than that, it's business as usual.

            1. re: c oliver

              We have a tank and 2 spares because our grill has 8 burners; but c oliver I'm jealous 'cause the plumber quoted $2100 to run a line out back to my grill (meter's in the front of the house) and it has to be "code approved" hose which, of course, is more expensive (wtf?). $2100 is a bit less than half what the grill cost me.

              But in a snowstorm it's never "business as usual." We celebrate and when the shoveling (and requisite snow sculptures and horseplay) is over we usually get a little creative with the cooking.

              Soup/stew is usually on the stove by then, in 2 or more forms, as well as a roast in the oven.

              And lots and lots of booze. Lots.

              1. re: shaogo

                About seven years ago we were doing a whole remodel and addition so ran the line out to the deck then. I'm sure it wasn't cheap but the project cost so dang much I didn't break it out!

                And, yes, lots of booze.

                1. re: c oliver

                  Snow's forecast for today in our neck of the woods. So here I am at 11:00 a.m. with the booze poised for the first flake...

                  1. re: shaogo

                    The perfect excuse. Too bad you don't have a St. Bernard to bring it to you :)

                    1. re: c oliver

                      When I posted that, I was thinking about "great danes" but *knew* it was the wrong breed. Else I'd have mentioned the St. Bernard/Cognac thing.

                      Nonetheless, there was no snow, but at about 2 this afternoon I broke down and made a cocktail.

                      The bad news is that our business was very, very slow today (restaurant).

                      The good news is that right now we're all over-served and I'm making more greasy hangover-prevention food...

              2. re: c oliver

                It's the people who don't live in snow country that have more to worry about. It doesn't snow very frequently where I live, but I've been housebound in the past due to two feet of snow, no snowplowing, and no bus service. Plus, no electricity or gas heat for a week, with temperatures in the 20s. I was lucky to have a pantry that at least made do.

                1. re: L.Nightshade

                  Agreed. But OP is talking 1-3" and one day :)

                2. re: c oliver

                  I get what you're saying, but I've also been through a few storms that turned out to be far worse than predicted. The worst was 2 feet of snow when the original forecast was 1-2 inches. There was also catastrophic ice storm that caught us all off guard and left many people without power for more than a week - the original forecast was for just a dusting of snow.

              3. Lard! Flour! Salt! A hatchet for chopping the furniture into firewood!

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                1. Sounds like you have everything covered, especially since you'll be able to shop the next day without any problem. I live in the DC suburbs, so I know the panic that the media causes for every snow event, but, 1-3" causing panic makes me nuts.

                  Enjoy your shrimp!