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Jan 24, 2013 02:26 PM

Bulgarian rakia/brandy

Hello! I am Bulgarian and I live an hour away from San Francisco in Central Valley. Does anybody know a store where I can buy Bulgarian rakia/brandy in Bay Area or Sacramento/Cantral Valley area?

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    1. If Sacramento is convenient, try Corti Brother's Market on Folsom Blvd. and 59th.

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        Yes, Corti Bros. in the Central Valley not only is a longtime legendary dealer of specialty foods and drinks but surpassses many shops in the Bay Area proper.

        In another recent thread here, I linked a 1980 Ruth Reichl article, profiling several people most influential in the Bay Area food and wine world. Darrel Corti figured prominently in that report and is still mentioned by my Bay Area gastronomic friends.

        Other than Corti there are several specialist spirits dealers around the Bay Area itself. Some Chowhounders will know of particular favorites, but other earlier threads should give a wider overview of that subject, upon a search.

      2. I would call some of the Eastern European markets (like European Foods on Clement St. in SF) in the Bay Area. Many of them carry spirits.

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          In SF, I believe European Food, Europa Express, and New World Market (Russian) and Royal Market & Bakery (Armenian) have hard liquor.

        2. Koreanna Market in Rancho Cordova (take the Zinfandel exit from Highway 50, go north, turn right at first red light) has recently remodeled. They have a huge oriental section - you can spend several hours just in produce alone - and have also added a VERY large area given over to E. European foods, including beers. If they don't have it, they will special order and/or tell you where you CAN find what you need. I was there last month and they were working on adding an in-house cafe. Also have a very large tea area with tasting and some of the niftiest tea-making pots, etc. I've seen.

          1. I have seen a lot of unusual liquors at Corti Bros. on Folsom Blvd. and 59th. You might try there.