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Jan 24, 2013 02:23 PM

Near Vancouver Convention Centre eats for company dinners

I'm going to be in Vancouver for the next 5 days for a convention at the Vancouver Convention Centre. I looked for recommendations that are close to that area but can't find anything within the last 6 months.
We will have a car but since the hotel (Hyatt Regency) is close by, we would like not to stray too far.

Our limitations are that it is being paid for by the company and has to be around $50 per person with one drink. (not including tax or tip)

So far my list includes:
1) Meat and Bread (Pender St) for lunch while we are setting up on Friday or Saturday
2) Miku Japanese?
3) Alibi Room
4) GUU

What do you think of these places? Any other suggestions? Maybe a good breakfast spot?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. i don't know what industry you are in and what allergies/aversions your group has - and what age group your party (group) is in and how much you all need to see and be seen which is important at conventions and if you're having to make a good impression on a boss person and important clients - which makes a difference from an atmosphere/noise/food POV

      i'd check out Tavola one evening - it's in the west end - some people would walk there and back from Burrard and Georgia - see Urban Spoon - menu is on Tavola website -

      for quick meal - ie lunch or if a colleague does not want to go to dinner - see Anatolia Express down on the NORTH (harbour) side of the newest convention center (it's also on urban spoon)

      some like the food and esp the views in the restaurant at the Pan Pacific tho it might exceed the price range or be very close to it for sure (not incl the drink)

      if you look on Chow BC board for "convention center" and also "convention centre" (both spellings) - there are several threads about this. Read for the names, then check to see if other threads discuss.

      if you have meat eaters - our suppliers often offer to take us to Coast and other places like that - again - might be top of budget range - i had some oysters there recently and they were great = tis the season

      1. Miku is close but quite expensive and I only like the aburi sushi there. Room is quite cold both physically and aesthetically if that matters.

        Alibi Room is a bit of a hike (Gastown) and doesn't have great food. Beer selection is why you go. Room can be very loud and crowded depending on timing.

        Guu on Thurlow would be a bit of a walk but doable. It's very small so you may want to make reservations. Also can be quite loud. Food is still solid though maybe not as outstanding as in the past.

        That outpost of Meat and Bread is strictly for takeout IMO. There are a couple of small tables but they are SO uncomfortable (the tall metal stools are attached to the floor) that I wouldn't bother. Big lines that move reasonably fast at lunch.

        Can't think of a good breaky place super near by. Sciue might work for you.

        For a treat, check out Bella Gelateria. Pricey but mighty fine.