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Jan 24, 2013 01:28 PM

Anyone want to critique my plans for next month?

Following on the heals of -- I have the following reservations/plans for the third week of February . . .

Dinner Reservations:
Tue., 2/19 -- minibar
Wed., 2/20 -- Rasika Penn Qtr.
Thu., 2/21 -- OPEN
Fri., 2/22 -- OPEN
Sat., 2/23 -- Blue Duck Tavern
Sun, 2/24 -- Dino

For Wednesday and Thursday, lunch is at the conference, so that's taken care of. For Friday through Monday (our flight home takes off Monday at 5:00 pm), we haven't made any reservations. So far, we're thinking of Oyamel and Zaytinya, maybe Estadilo and/or Equinox . . .

Other dinner ideas include possibly going to Rogue 24 and Ardeo + Bardeo, maybe Fiola.

Anything we should consider instead? Substitutions? Additions?

Thanks in advance . . .


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  1. I know people here like Dino, but it is not in the same league as the other restaurants on your lists. I would do Bibiana if I wanted a top notch Italian.

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    1. re: moosy

      Owner Dean Gold and I go way back -- to the days he had a restaurant on Melrose (Beverly?) in Los Angeles. I used to sell wine to his place back in the 1980s. It might not be DC's greatest Italian, but I've always liked his food, and the wine list is first-rate. But Bibiana is on the list for our next trip . . . thanks for the recommendation!

      1. re: zin1953

        i am with you. i like dino and like talking to Dean. His food is good, his seasonal menu items interesting and usually local.

    2. Seems like you are off to a seriously good start (mostly because you snagged a reservation at Minibar...which I hear is close to impossible). If you want another high end option I would go with either The Source, Equinox, J&G Steakhouse or Blacksalt.

      Other excellent options are Mintwood Place or Ris.

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      1. re: Elyssa

        Equinox has been on our list, but I accidentally left it off above. We've now added Blacksalt, and their Pearl Dive Oyster Palace . . .

        1. re: zin1953

          Pearl Dive Oyster is great---and a fun spot to check out.

      2. I like Zaytinya, others seem to see it as more of a "scene" than a place to eat.

        Oyamel has been getting some negative pub lately -- from Tom Sietsema in the WaPo chats, for example. If you want something along those lines, I'd hit Jaleo, which just seems to be getting better over the years.

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        1. re: Bob W

          Oyamel is probably the easiest restaurant to scratch off the list; after all, being in the SF Bay area, we get loads of great Mexican food here. We've been to Jaleo (in Las Vegas) several times -- one of our favorites -- so I'm not sure we need to go to the one in DC (unless it's to pay homage, and I thought we'd do that by going to the minibar!). ;^)

        2. I'd definitely consider Fiola. I'd also see if you can get a reservation at Komi. Another good choice is Palena (back room, not the Cafe although the Cafe is good).

          1. Damn! Impressive list. I'd love to know what your total food and drink bill will be.

            Komi is a high end place that's not on your list. If you can score a table, definately go there. If not, the new hot place is right next door and done by the Komi chef - - Little Serow. The only catch is it's very small and they don't take reservations (which may actually be a blessing). It's nothern Thai cuisene (not your typical Thai place!)