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Jan 24, 2013 01:02 PM

Enzymatic Peeling of Citrus Fruits For Easy Supremes??? #modernist_cuisine

Maybe I'm late to the party and many already know about this but… just wow!

Anyone have any first hand experience with this?

I can definitely see how this would have a huge appeal in commercial kitchens, but I'm wondering if it would really be a significant time saver and boon in the home kitchen.

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  1. All I can think of is the eighth season of Red Dwarf....

    1. The more I hear from Nathan Myhrvold and Mondernist Cuisine, the more I slowly shake my head in befuddlement. I can zip through supremeing a grapefruit in under a 2 minutes. In a commercial kitchen this is what commis is for, and his/her salary is probably lower than the cost of the enzymes. I think you would have to move up to industrial scale production before this method is cost and effort effective.

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      1. re: kmcarr

        - This is not from Nathan Myhrvold.

        - The enzymes are dirt cheap. You only need 2 grams per liter of solution.

        - This doesn't just supreme but also produces a completely pith free peel that cannot be achieved in any other way manually, opening up brand new culinary design options.

        - The supremes produced could never be achieved by hand without any cell walls ruptured at all. The picture above shows segments that no human hands could produce without enzymatic help.

        - This can be done with fruits that simply cannot be supremed by hand like kumquats

        It's fine if you are not the least bit interested in this, and don't see the culinary possibilities, but this technique is about far more than speed and convenience.

        My apologies if the title and comments I attached highlighted only that one facet of this approach.